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  • 01-15-2012 5:33 AM

    Beovox accusition dillema.

    Hi all,


    I am new here, though i've been enjoying the outstanding products from B&O for many years now. Have just sent my AV9000, to B&O Valhalla, well, the TV only, the AV9000 Master control panel, with the receiver, CD and tape player is avalible to be collected in Denmark, or traded in if some one can use it?

    Keep of course the Beolab 6000 and 8000, and got a Beovision 7 - 32 as the TV replacement, with a Beolab 7-4 Center speaker. Should arrive in a few days.

    While searching for my new stuff, i realised that the old stuff, that i grew up with, and which were, for a young student only dreams, is still avalible, in many cases as restoration projects, but certainly to be used daily after restoration.

    Since, i have been shoppingBig Smile

    Now, my dilemma is choice of Beovox speakers. Firstly, to come across mint units i have given up on, as it seems to me all units are in need of restoration work, at least, that is what i have found in Denmark.

    The choice of speaker is what i like to get some advice and opinion on. I want the traditional big cabinet speakers and i have options for M75, that need some unit in one of the speaker replaced, a set of M100, which needs both tweeters replaced and one woofer replaced, and the cabinets need full restoration, then, S80 with foam rot and cabinet restoration and S120.2 with foam rot, and no pictures, so no idea about cabinet.

    They will have to work with Beomaster 4000, a set of Beovox 2500 Cube, will be used mostly for listening vinyl on the Beogram 8002 with MMC2 cartridge. The set will be installed at my home office, so not a big room, but still wish, for future use, to be able to use it in a living room.

    So, what to choose? and what to expect cost wise if i replace speaker units, or re-foam them, or re - rubber them? Any typical failures for the electronics, and last, where can i get replacement parts identical to OEM parts, or improved, especialley on the electronics?



  • 01-15-2012 7:33 AM In reply to

    Re: Beovox accusition dillema.

    Hej Torsten,

    Almost all 80's B&O speakers are in need of new foam rings, that is entirely normal. It's not difficult to do, there are lots of guides online about refoaming. The keyword is patience when refoaming.

    The Beomaster 4000 (70's) is a great receiver, puts out about 60 wpc, you'll want to look at the Beovox S60 and S75. Same driver units, almost the same cabinet (S60 is a bit shallower than the S75). The suspension is rubber and won't rot and they will fit perfectly with the Beomaster 4000. I have had 2 pairs of S75's, sold one pair and changed capacitors in the other to form a system with my Beogram 4000 and Beomaster 4400 which I also refurbished to better-than-new performance.

    Almost all B&O speakers from the period would, however in my opinion, benefit from a change of capacitors in the crossovers, but that could be a project in the future.

    Beocenter 9300, Beogam CD50, Beocord 5500, Beomaster 3400, Beomaster 4400, 2 Beogram 4000, Beomaster 8000, 2 beogram 8002, Beovox S-75, Beovox MS150.2, Beovox RL6000, Beovox S-35, Beomaster 6000, 2 Beocord 9000, Beocord 8004, Beocord 5000, Form 1, 2x Beolink 1000, Beo4, MX3500, LS4500. Born 1993.

  • 01-15-2012 7:50 AM In reply to

    Re: Beovox accusition dillema.

    Hi Soren,

    Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.

    I have done some reading here today, and it seems like the M75 / M100 is very hard to get new driver units for, so will not go further with that option.

    Will look for what you recommended.



  • 01-15-2012 8:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Beovox accusition dillema.

    New drivers for the M100/75 will be almost impossible to find but it could well be possible to get the old drivers repaired. I have M100s and they are a beautifully finished and superb sounding loudspeaker. I have had almost every type of passive B&O speaker and the M100 is the one I will keep.

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