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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 11-05-2011 3:13 PM

    Beosound 9000 Not working


    Some cleaning and wire managing was necessary in my living room. I unplugged my Beosound 9000 and put it flat on a table. It is mounted vertically on a stand. It has been working very well. I put it back on the stand after the cleaning and ...

    It started playing. I changed the CD and the CD mechanism/tray just got stuck. I turned off the unit and turned it back on .. Nothing it would not even turn on.. I read the manual and tried to center the mechanism thinking that maybe it had moved. I couldn't find the little tool so I used a flat screwdriver... 

    The arrows were already pointing up but I moved them around and up... Ok...

    Turn unit on, It seems to work, changes CD, etc...

    Mount it back on the stand... Unit play CD 1.. Good.. Trying to change to CD2 .. CD trays is stuck, between CD 1 and 2, closer to 1 as if trying to move and unable to, then after a minute or 2... the tray mechnism simply falls to CD position 6 where it plays nothing .. . After a a long while and numerous clicking sounds. The whole unit turns off and won't play anything...,

    Glass door will not open even when I press the button. CDs don't play when I pres their buttons on the unit itself.. 

    If I leave the unit for say 10 minutes and try to turn it on,  some lights come on but no LED display an it plays nothing not even radio ...

    What can I do? I am technically proficient,  although I know nothing about the inside of a B&O, yet, I would not mind getting inside the unit..  Or is it a dealer (read expensive) repair job?


    Let me know.. Very weird...

  • 11-05-2011 3:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 9000 Not working



    Update. I turned off the nit and left it powered while I was typing the above post. On a whim I decided to re-progran rg=he unit... Option 1 which was what I used. Unit clicks and CD tray moves to CD1 with LED on , etc, systems seems to work.. Moved to CD2.. tray stucks on CD1 trying to move toward CD 2 and systems stops.. after a while ...System truns off and CD trays falls to CD6 position .. Nothing works then not even radio ..


  • 11-07-2011 9:03 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 9000 Not working

    This may sound trivial, but give it a try.

    On the face of the aluminum plate (top and bottom) you will see two small, clear, pyramidal pieces under the glass.

    They are "finger interrupt sensors" for lack of a better technical term.

    They may not look dirty/dusty -but give them a good clean and try again.

  • 11-07-2011 8:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 9000 Not working




    On a whim, I placed the unit horizontally. I had to manually push the carriage to position 1. I then moved the arrow to position for horizontal monting. Unit works, CD seld moves , etc.. Put the arrow back to vertical (on stand) position and mounted it on the stand ... Same thing.. Unit will play CD1 but if you choose any other, say CD2, sled starts to move and stops midway between CD 1 and CD2 positions... then after a few minutes, carriage/sled literally fals to Cd6 position where it won't aply anything not even Radio...


    I found a Repair manual on the Internet and went into Test Mode (TM). I , then performed the TM 71 and TM72. TM 71 is recomended after any repair on the beosound 9000.

    At first the test seems not to reveal anything, not even an error message. AFter test, unit plays CD1 but no other CD and falls into CD6 position then after a few minutes several clicks and sled goes back to positon CD1, it normal rest positon.. Everything works from that point on... 

    Very weird..



    Thanks to BYPAHTEC



  • 11-08-2011 3:00 AM In reply to

    • valve1
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    Re: Beosound 9000 Not working

    Is the radio working now?

  • 11-08-2011 11:04 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 9000 Not working


    Is the radio working now?


    I am a bit confused.

    It goes through this drop and then works fine? I would think you would want to exorcise that out!

    Did you clean the sensors?

  • 11-24-2011 7:27 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 9000 Not working

    I have cleaned the sensors. Radio works also... I wil likely perform a through exorcism of the system ... Big Smile

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