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  • 05-28-2011 4:40 AM

    unusual accessory search....

    hello all,


    I'm desperately looking for the Bang and Olufsen Sensor (type no. 2001) for the Beomaster 5500 - it allows you to control the unit via the MCP from a greater distance or another part of the house.

    I'm currently renovating and this is the perfect time to run cables - I'm hoping to control the system in my living room from the dining room via the sensor, with the secondary set of speakers from the beomaster in the dining room to enjoy the results - eventually these will be upgraded to pentas when I can afford it.


    does anyone have one of these sensors knocking about? it really will make all the diference to my system... Failing that does anyone know what kind of cable it would take - that way I can put the walls back together and still carry on searching!


    many thanks in advance to everyone for taking the time to read this - all advice gratefully received!

  • 05-28-2011 7:56 AM In reply to

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    Re: unusual accessory search....

    If I understood correctly, you have a BM5500 in your livingroom (with speakers) and you would like to have a second pair of speakers in the dining room (from where to control the BM by remote)? If yes, you can use a (master control link) MCL2A kit. You plug that to the BM and run a cable (available from B&O, suitable generic cable can be used, too) to the link room, where the MCL2A box is. You connect an IR-transceiver to the link box as well as the speakers. 

    Bang & Olufsen - The art of controlling sound, picture and light

  • 05-28-2011 9:17 AM In reply to

    Re: unusual accessory search....

    I would definitely recommend the MCL2A solution as well, but with one caveat - early BM5500's won't support it and will need a software upgrade (not sure if available anymore, and will be quite a bit of work anyway, as you need to replace the ROM chip inside the CPU module).

    If your BM5500 has a sticker in the rear panel that says "Beolink" (or "Datalink"?), it should work.

    See also this thread:


  • 06-05-2011 4:44 PM In reply to

    Re: unusual accessory search....

    Further to other replies,the sensor kit was intended for use where the Beosystem was concealed inside a cabinet(shame?)If you used this in another room,the operation would be rather odd.Indeed,the MCL 2a or later Extra Speaker Kit is the thing to go for.

    You will need to use the special B&O MCL cable (still available)to connect between rooms.Either of the kits will work with the Beomaster ok.The Beolink label refers to the audio/aux link connection for a tv (different cable!)



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