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  • 05-08-2010 10:37 AM


    Six months ago i bought a new Beovision 8 32 with system module and BE04 Remote Control. This was coupled in January with a Sky + HD set top box (Amstrad).  At first the system worked well but I had some problems with  the Sky box crashing about twice a week. After much discussion with Sky in April this year - about ten days ago they replaced  the box with a Pace HD unit which works OK. However i now have problems with the B&O TV which has progressively deteriorated, that is

    1 No Digital TV

    2 BE04 will not configure the AV sockets. Opening Video Aux allows the Sky programs to run if the Sky remote is used to click on and then open the TV guide only from the SKY remote.

    3 The Beo DVD will only respond to click the BE04 DVD key but the video can not me managed, just started and stopped

    4. Turning off with the BE04 does not close the TV program but doers not put the set into stand by, it has to be disconnected from the A\c power.

    The local B&O shop that sold me the TV maintains that the problems are caused by the SKY feed  whereas Sky say the the B&O TV is known to be faulty. I am very disappointed with the B *32 as I have had several  B&O  TV's over thirty years and had no problems; I thought that  the latest generation  would be similar. Alas!

    It looks as if I will have to  abandon the  B&O TV and buy a more common brand if other members can suggest a better way to resolve these technical difficulties?

  • 05-08-2010 5:12 PM In reply to


    Sure the TV not turning off, DTV not working are nothing to do with Sky?

    What's the DVD issue - the BV8 doesn't have a DVD player built in, so what player is it?  Is the IR blaster plugged in and connected to the DVD player?  Is the PUC selected correctly?  Has it ever worked?

    For what it's worth, when the Sky box is connected and set up correctly, it works perfectly (provided you have recent enough software and PUC).

  • 05-08-2010 5:20 PM In reply to


    I don't want to go off thread here, but doesn't it say something when a customer from a B&O franchised store has no other option but to post as above on an Internet forum to try and sort problems out on a TV bought at a premium price?  If I owned a store and I had sold a customer this TV then I would be obliged to bloody well sort these problems out and determine whether the set is at fault and whether it needs to be replaced.  Why isn't the Dealer attending with a SKY box which they know to be fully operational and sorting these problems out?  I am sure there are willing and helpful contributions to follow, but surely the purpose of this forum was not to make up for the shortcomings of Dealers or SKY boxes, whichever is proven to be at fault.  What did the TV cost?  £2700?  What are equivalent screens from other manufactuerers in the open market?  Under £1000?  

    Assuming the Sky box is fully operational i.e. testing it with the SKY remote control to ensure all functions are working, then hopefully the BEO4 is at fault (unlikely) but most probably the 8-32 electronic chassis needs replacing.

    Do yourself a favour, tell the Dealer to go away, box it and send it to someone like Simon Harry at AVA (0208 645 9150) and get it sorted asap under warranty.  Dealer should hang their head in shame. 

    @Charlie above - poster says clearly DVD is BEO DVD - liked your post but why isn't the Dealer sorting this?  If the guy has made a simple mistake it should have been sorted quickly long ago.


  • 05-08-2010 7:17 PM In reply to


    I'm so shocked that you are having problems with a beautiful television like that!

    I am really disgusted with the poor quality of SKY+ HD boxes. I've had a Samsung one for six weeks and it crashes through the night at least once a week and then fails to record my programmes. It's a terrible shame that we can't buy quality branded SKY boxes from B&O or SONY or Panasonic or Pioneer just like we can with any other product. I'm gutted that we buy a quality television and then have to connect say an Amstrad box to it and then rely on it to deliver we hope, good pictures to our B&O. SKY should be ashamed mind you, so should B&O if they are making faulty products at three times the price of high street brands!!!

  • 05-09-2010 10:12 AM In reply to


    UnsureI think it is not Sky because if I disconnect the Sky HD set top box and run the TV directly from the RF antenna, which has been checked out as good by an aerial man, the problems persists


  • 05-09-2010 12:21 PM In reply to

    • Judith
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    Hi, There are several posts in the forums about Sky.  The dealer who helped me told me Pace works better with B&O and that is the one I have, although I still have issues from time to time with mine. I presume you have turned everything off, including the Sky box to reset it.

    When using the BEO4 do you press DVD button on it, to access the Sky?

    Do you then press GO 1? Then GO, GO thereafter, once you are in the Menu sections?

    Check the IR connection on the Sky Box, if it has slipped a fraction off the IR receiver area, the BEO4 will not work correctly.

    The latter point may also explain point 4. If you can see the red light show up on the Sky HD box when you press the BEO4 remote, the IR cover needs to be repositioned. 


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