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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 04-22-2010 6:50 PM

    BeoSystem 2500 Remotes

    Besides the BeoLink 1000 & 5000, are there any B & O remotes that will work with the BeoSystem 2500?

  • 04-22-2010 10:59 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSystem 2500 Remotes

    Welcome to BeoWorld!

    The least common denominator in "later" Beo is the BL1000...

    If it works w/ at least a BL1000... then it will work w/ any of the later remotes in some form or fashion.

    Cost vs. Performance... the BL1000 is gold.

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  • 04-23-2010 6:41 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoSystem 2500 Remotes

    Beolink 1000, Beolink 5000, Beo4 work perfectly, Beo5 also works

  • 04-25-2010 9:28 AM In reply to

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    Re: BeoSystem 2500 Remotes

    IMHO all later remotes then the BL1000 will work perfectly with the BS2500.

    Also, if the system is an early one, then both the BL5000 and the BL7000 will work with it as a two way remote, which is a real fun :)

    Please note: The BL2500's RDS system will not transfer the station name to the remote, the only system can do it is the BL7000.

  • 04-25-2010 10:59 AM In reply to

    • Vienna
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    Re: BeoSystem 2500 Remotes


    All BeoLink remotes mentioned in former postings will work for daily use.

    ! But !

    You'll need a 2-way remote like BL5000 or BL7000 to access timer programming (record-, play- and standby-timers)

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