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  • 04-14-2010 10:47 AM

    Beosystem 5000



    I have a Beosystem 5000 with a pair of redline 60 speakers which I bought back in 1986, it is in perfect working order and condition but has mainly been in storage for the last 10 years give or take a dusting off and test session.

    I was wondering if there would be anyone who would know where the best place to sell it would be and also have a rough idea of how much I could look to ask for it. It has sentimental value but due to space and new technologies I no longer have the need for it and would like it to go to a new home where it could be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    • beobeo
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    Re: Beosystem 5000

    Does it include the Beogram unit? Can you post pictures?

    These nice systems sale frequently in eBay. The most expensive piece is the Beogram record deck and is the condition that rules the price. Are the RL 60 or 60.2?

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    Re: Beosystem 5000

    Nice system but not worth a huge amount for the following reasons.

    1. The Beomaster doesn't use the Beolink 1000 codes so has to have its own dedicated remote. The other units do use Datalink though so can be used with a Beomaster 5500.

    2. The Beocord is not auto-reverse. In fact it is a much better deck because of this but it hits the price. Beocords are almost impossible to sell anyway. 

    3. The original LP Beogram is the 5000. This is a superb deck - quite frankly, it is the best deck you can get in the stacking systems - I have had almost them all and although it is radial, it simply sounds the best. However, it is radial! This makes it only tempting to those who know! The fact it is better built, has a proper light and the styling is superb will count for very little on eBay. 

    4. The CD50 Beogram, although good sounding, is hideously unreliable. The laser is great, the rest not so good. The DAC is also wonderful, though fitting two would have been simpler and not any more expensive at a guess! A friend and I were talking about these just last night and we compared the insides of a CD50 against that of a CD5500. The CD5500 is beautifully laid out and circuit boards a treat of beautifully laid out components - much better than most B&O. The CD50 looks as if someone tipped the components in and gave the box a quick shake. The impression is compounded by the fact that almost every one is different! Makes repairs an adventure if nothing else. 

    5. It uses the MCL82 link system which is very difficult to find.

    Having said all that, this, apart from the CD50, is the audiophile choice. Best amplifier, best cassette player and a lovely radio. Will struggle to get much more than £300 in my view though. And that is working with a stylus. 

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    Re: Beosystem 5000

    I broke up my Beosystem 5000 last year, and from memory got the following:

    Terminal 5000: £35

    MCP5000: £45

    Beomaster 5000: £110

    Beocord 5000: £80 (I couldn't believe it either!)

    Beogram CD50: £ 110

    Beogram 5005 (minus MMC4): Swapped for a Beosound 2 and A8 earphones.

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    Re: Beosystem 5000

    If the speakers are RL 60's the foam will have disintegrated on the ABR's and the plates will have fallen out - easy to check, just give them a shake & if something rattles then that's the problem. This will affect the value as Bass will be very lacking. Not a problem with RL 60.2's which will be reflected in the value.


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