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  • 05-24-2009 7:37 AM

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    What set-up to integrate two worlds ?

    Hello all,

    I’m new here and this is my first post. I share with you some kind of fascination for B&O products and philosophy although i do not always adhere to B&O ultra elitist strategy. Nor do i support the B&O’s inertia and isolation in a rapidly changing digital world. Like some of you, i have hoped and waited for years that B&O and Apple conclude some kind of strategic alliance, which seem so evident from a customer’s perspective. This is the reason why i now have a bunch of questions about Mac/B&O integration, for those of you who would be patient enough to advise.

    Currently i live with a family and a BS9000+BL8000 at one end of my living room. Plus a PowerMac at the opposite end … And two BL 3500 in other rooms, linked via ML. The PoweMac is linked to others in the house via ethernet, and wired to the BS-9000 Aux entry. So, I can play my iTunes music (but AAC or MP3, alas) on my BL-8000.

    Now comes the big upgrade : i was lucky enough to buy a pair of BL-5 at a fair price on eBay, and will also add a new BV 8-40 to the picture (and sell my B-8000), moving from a pure audio system to a A/V system.

    What i would like to understand is how to integrate the whole Mac+B&O stuff to be able to :

    1- Capture max audio benefits from the BL-5 potential (connecting BS-9000 through pure digital output seems to be highly recommended)

    2- Play my iTunes music on the BL-5, assuming i will be able to re-code part of it into Apple Lossless format from the originals. And also be able to play from time to time some AAC music from some passing by guest iPod …

    3- Interconnect BL-5 and BV 8-40 to be able to make it a 3.1 A/V system (i do not have nor appreciate rear speakers for « special » 5.1 display). The BV 8-40 will be fed by a Satellite, ADSL input, DVD  or blu-ray in the future.

    4- Display picture shows or personal videos stored somewhere on the ethernet network on the BV 8-40 / BL-5 system. I have lots of digital photos (>20000, managed with iView Media Pro) on my hard drives and create (shoot+edit) videos on a separate, dedicated work station. Would like to kind of use the living room to display the result of (and justify !) what I’m doing all day long in my dark cabinet …

    So the questions that are obsessing me are like :

    • What’s the best set up to aim for ?
    • Should i connect BS-9000 directly to BL-5 (digital) or connect BS-9000 to BV 8-40 and BV 8-40 to BL-5 (but then : is it a digital input , to keep the digital/analog convesion within the BL-5 ?) ?
    • More generally, is it possible to have ALL sound inputs flow into the BL-5 as digital signal, not as powerlink analog signal ? If yes, how to switch form one input to the other ? Or, should i necessarily connect everything to the BS 9000 first, and then have BS-9000 linked to BL-5 as digital input ?
    • What is the best set up to store and display on BV 8-40 my photos and videos ? A physical wire between my PowerMac and the BV 8-40 ? Or add an Apple TV module to the BV 8-40 that wireless connects to the PowerMac. I know this works well with iTunes music, but what about iView Media Pro (not iPhoto) ? And HDV videos ?

    I have the feeling this becomes really tricky, but as many of you i dream of a full Mac / B&O integration … Could you help me think this out ?

    Thank you !


  • 05-24-2009 9:37 AM In reply to

    Re: What set-up to integrate two worlds ?

    Welcome to the forum. We have just started integrating Apple products (Apple TV and iTouch) into our system so your questions are beyond my technical expertise.  Others here wil be much more able to help you than I am. Enjoy the Beolab 5s. 

    Beovision 7-55 with Beolab 7-4, 9s and 4000s

    Beovision 10-40 with Beolab 1s and 6000s

    Beosound 1, 5, 2000, and 3000

    Beotime, Beotalk, Beocoms

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    Re: What set-up to integrate two worlds ?



    First of all, you should connect the BS 9000 to BL5 with digital AND the BV 8 TO BL5 with powerlink. This makes sure you can use the surround feature incorporated in BV 8 and listen your your favorite Cd´s from BS 9000

    As for multimedia advise. I myself have an Apple TV and are very pleased. However i am considering buying a mac mini instead to have a larger functionality with different applications.


    BV7-40 MK IV, BL5´s, BL3´s, BL 3500, BL7-4, BS3000, BC 6-23, BV 1, BS3.

  • 05-25-2009 6:50 AM In reply to

    Re: What set-up to integrate two worlds ?

    I use a mac mini, works perfectly for what I require, ie: watching downloaded content and viewing photos.  I stream my itunes library from a seperate iMac wirelessly using an airport express in lossless format, sounds pretty good to me and allows me to use my iphone as the remote.

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