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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 06-05-2007 4:06 PM by Max. 6 replies.
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  • 05-13-2007 1:59 PM

    • Stones
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    What's your LIST?

    While we are waiting for Beo5, we may compare what is the "final" LIST on our Beo4's?

    I control an Avant masterlinked to an Ouverture with an Ridax-iPod (link-version) connected. My list is in order: 



  • 05-13-2007 2:32 PM In reply to

    • Toubro
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    Re: What's your LIST?

    Mine is:

    FORMAT - used more and more unfortunatly as either the danish tv channels have started sending their signals differently or it is my co-operative union who is supplying my TV signal that has changed something. So the picture is small, and I have to press FORMAT 2 to zoom in, and then it get's a little grainy :o(
    SPEAKER - for when I switch between 2 and 4 speaker mode
    STAND - for turning the TV set so I can watch it from the dinner table :o)
    CAMCORD - for my PS2
    V.AUX - for my external 40£ region-free noname DVDplayer, so I can watch other regions
    AV - used with the VTAPE input so only the speakers turn on, as my PC is connected here

  • 05-13-2007 4:04 PM In reply to

    Re: What's your LIST?

    7) PC - Accessing the Mac Mini and visualize it on the BV7
    6) A.AUX - We use the Apple Airport Express connected to the BS3200. Music on the laptop can be transferred and played back throught the B&O loudspeakers.
    5) FORMAT - Mostly used for manually pushing the image 1cm downwards when it's in FORMAT 2 mode
    4) SPEAKER - When we watch Crime Scene Investigation I switch from 1 to SPEAKER mode 3.
    3) STAND - Manually turn the stand towards my present position.
    2) N.MUSIC - Stored music (8gb) on the Mac Mini availible with the touch of a button.
    1) N.RADIO - First LIST item to select it even in the dark.
  • 05-13-2007 4:11 PM In reply to

    • Tom
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    Re: What's your LIST?


    Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. - Berthold Auerbach

  • 05-13-2007 4:28 PM In reply to

    Re: What's your LIST?

    Mostly the same, but V.Tape2 at the top as it activates the Panasonic DVD/HDD/Freeview player via my DVD controller from my AV9000. N.Music is top of the one in the other room and I can't remember what the others have!
  • 06-05-2007 3:27 PM In reply to

    Re: What's your LIST?

    As my BeoVision 3 32" is not connected to anything else from B&O, my list is quite modest.

    FORMAT - i'm using it quite a lot, because our tv channels are now mostly streamed in a 16:9 format inside a 4:3, so you get a black frame inside the screen, if you know what i mean.
    CLOCK - it's just useful.
    CAMCORD - for my Playstation 2 ( allthough i'm still searching for a way to register it as a V.TAPE ).
  • 06-05-2007 4:06 PM In reply to

    • Max
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    Re: What's your LIST?

    Mine is as simple as it gets:

    1) Clock
    2) Format
    3) Speaker
    4) AV

    The first is the most used - will the Beo5 have a clock on the display? and the Format is only used as most of the motorsport programmes on ITV4 insist on swapping format between the adverts - most annoying.

    My B&O is in my Bio.

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