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  • 04-25-2008 4:39 PM

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    ok get your teeth into this one...

    ok here goes

     a 'friend' of mine has strayed down the path of wiring several rooms of his house with the intention of putting BOSE in. Having seen what B&O stuff can do he wants B&O in the several rooms he has expensively wired already. Each room has at least a pair of passive speaker cables going back to one point in the room (where normally he would have a BOSE sub). At this same point he has BOSE-LINK cable going to the next room, as well as CAT5 and 2 x CT100 and so on.

     Still with me?

    What I think we can do is this:

    Output from a BeoCenter 2 as his Master. Link several active kits so he can have B&O speakers in each room, replacing the passive cables with powerlink. In the same room he would connect his non-B&O TVs with CAT5-PHONO for picture. The active IR-eye should be able to control the BeoCenter 2 even without a B&O TV being involved.

     Has anyone else done something similar? Also as I can't get a Masterlink upto the 1st floor I think i'm going to have to go Wire-less - this should be ok if the signal is good?

    Confused? so am I!

  • 04-27-2008 3:28 AM In reply to

    Re: ok get your teeth into this one...

    Getting the Audio system working is no problem - he can always fit a Beolink Passive and use Bose speakers if he wants. Integrating with the non-B&O TVs is always trickier and without knowing exactly what he has and what he wants to do makes advising tricky. The Wireless will work OK though it doesn't send picture signals.
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