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  • 10-02-2007 2:22 PM

    • tomas
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    BeoSound 1 Questions & Opinion Needed

    I am totally new to the world of B&O and considering purchasing a BeoSound 1 as a primary music source for my living room, where space and design are an important consideration.  I really like the BeoSound 4, but by the time you add speakers, its almost $5000 more .  I had an opportunity to briefly listen to this unit in my local B&O dealer, and from the short demo, it sounded far better than I expected.  I have read a couple of the posts on this forum, and seems like people are generally pleased with this unit. 

    Three questions: 

    1.  Does anyone know what the actual power output of the amplifiers in the BeoSound 1 is?  I can't find any specifications on this. 

    2.  Does anyone know if the CD component used here is shared with any other B&O products?

    3.  What does the B&O community in general think of the BeoSound 1 in terms of quality of construction compared to units like the BeoSound 4. 

    Your input would be greatly appreciated. 


  • 10-02-2007 2:34 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 1 Questions & Opinion Needed

    Hi tomas,

    Nice you considder B&O for audio in your place.

    If you don't want to spend much the first time, the Beosound 1 a good alternativ. 
    Please be informed this is a STANDALONE unit. 

    For the time being it will do.
    But be aware that if you buy the Beosound 1 you will most certainly be infected to the B&O virus.

  • 10-02-2007 2:51 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 1 Questions & Opinion Needed

    The Beosound 1 is designed as a movable speaker with built in sources. Very flexible. It is however a portable CD radio with relatively small speakers. This is fine for a small room and background music. If your room is bigger, why not consider something pre-owned? A Beosound 3000 or Ouverture with some Beolab 4000 speakers will be able to become a system capable of being linked throughout the house and the sound quality is a cut above. Looking at Lifestyle AV, you can get an Ouverture for £500 and a pair of 4000s for £725. That would not be far off the price of a new BS1. I imagine you are in the US, so you will need to investigate the second hand market there, but I doubt prices will be that different.
  • 10-02-2007 4:47 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 1 Questions & Opinion Needed

    Hi Tomas and welcome to BeoWorld!

    I've been able to find you some spec for the BeoSound 1.

    Dimensions / Weight: 51 x 34 x 16cm / 6.5kg
    Beo4 remonte control capability: Yes
    Power consumption: Typical 12 W, standby 0.6 W
    Radio: 59 radio presets (FM)
    Features: Wake-up timer
    Loudspeaker system: Built-in, closed box
    System frequency range: 55 - 20,000 Hz
    Connections: Audio AUX in / out, FM aerial, headphone

    Returning to my opinion of the BeoSound 1, I think this is a terribly good value for money B&O system, and one I would certainly recommend as a first B&O piece - one which you will always be very proud of as well.
    Peter has also advised you to look into an Ouverture and BeoLab 4000s. I might add BeoLab 2500 speakers to that note as well. Placed either side of the Ouverture, they look great, and this really is a classic and proper B&O system. The BeoSound 1 will forever remain a single item piece of B&O in your home, instead the BL4000s, BL2500s and Ouverture could be linked with several other products in the future. By the way, you can probably notice that we're already expecting you to buy more B&O after you buy your first product, but seriously we're not joking. B&O becomes an addiction, and a very expensive one at that as well.

    The stereo and warmth of the sound is just as impressive as your immediate interest when you see BeoSound 1 for the first time. In my opinion, you won't go at all wrong if you buy a BeoSound 1.

  • 10-03-2007 11:59 AM In reply to

    • tomas
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    Re: BeoSound 1 vs BeoLab 4

    Just wondering if anyone has compared sound quality coming out of the BeoSound 1 vs BeoLab 4's - both are respectively entry level B&O products.
  • 10-03-2007 12:56 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 1 vs BeoLab 4

    I personally feel the BeoSound 1 prodcuces a nicer sound than the BeoLab 4s, especially for warmer bass. However, the stereo aspect will obviously be better with the BeoLab 4s if you have them either side of a small room for example. BeoSound 1 stereo is still good, but 1 unit cannot beat a left and a right.

    Here's some spec for the BeoLab 4s:

    Power consumption: Typical 7 W, standby 0.5 W
    Power amplifier, bass: 35 W (and just to give you an idea, BL4000s are 59 W)
    Power amplifier, treble: 35 W
    Effective frequency range: 50 - 20,000 Hz
    Cabinet principle: Bass reflex
    Connections: Power Link (one), Line/PC (mini jack)

    Baring in mind price, I would stick to the BeoSound 1, or go for BL4000s or BL2500s as already mentioned.

    Just my opinion Tomas.

  • 10-03-2007 1:24 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 1 vs BeoLab 4

    Actually Beolab 4000s have just been updated and now use what appear to be the same amplifiers as those in the Beolab 4. The sound pressure produced by the new spec is just the same as the old ones - this is due to power measurement again (yes - Peter is banging on about wattage again! Laughing ) The class AB amplifiers in the old 4000 are about 50% efficient where the class D amplifiers are probably nearer 90. Thus the power actually used to drive the speakers will be about the same. And remember that the thoughts of 35W going through the tweeter is nonsensical as the poor thing would simply fry.

    Having got the power issues out of the way, the next thought is about the class D amplifier used in the Beolab 4. I do not know if the one in the 4000 is exactly the same as I have not examined one yet. My beef with the Beolab 4 is the fact that the amplifier is not fitted with a proper filter to eliminate the switching frequencies seen in class D amplification. Instead, they use the voice coil of the speaker itself. 

    What is the problem with this? The switching frequencies are inaudible due the the fact that they are very high but when using the voice coil as a filter, the frequencies fed to the speaker form harmonics which are both summative and subractive. Summative offer no problems but subtractive harmonics could well move into the audible range. Using the voice coil in this way is a clever packaging solution but does not seem to me to be the best technical answer. Can you hear it - well I doubt I can - but I know it is there and it would bug me! B&O usually means engineering excellence and this little trick seems to be cost cutting. I can probably understand it in the 4 due to space considerations but hope that the 4000 has a separate filter coil - do you know if it does Keith?

    Please feel free to criticise my thoughts - I am not that technical despite the above! Laughing

  • 10-03-2007 1:53 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 1 vs BeoLab 4

    This is news to me Peter, about the update, but I've followed with what you've had to say and I agree with you. Spec, just like statistics can prove anything, but generally speaking the BL4s do not have the same oomph in them as the BL4000s or BL2500s. Do you agree with this too?

    Tomas, if you're looking for something more technical than what Peter has just illustrated above, Keith Saunders or perhaps also joeyboygolf (Graham) should be your man! Just shout his name on this thread, and I'm sure he'll pop up with some info for you.


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