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  • Re: Connecting a non b and o tv to beosound 2300 via aux and beo lead with 2 phono sockets on one end !

    You need to add "A.AUX" as a virtual button to your "LIST" (as described in the Beo4 manual). - Press "STANDBY" (red dot button) and "LIST" simultaneously. (Beo4 display should display "ADD?" - if not - repeatedly press "LIST" till display is...
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 07-05-2011
  • 1994/95 booklets on BeoVision Avant

    In the user manual archive on Beoworld I found a booklet entitled "BeoVision Avant in the home". There are three additional booklets that were part of this series from 1994/95: "BeoVision Avant - integrating technology", "Beo4" and "Extending BeoVision Avant"....
    Posted to Forum by bchessler on 05-27-2011
  • Beo4 user manual dated 1994 or 1995

    I'm looking for any user manual that provides instructions on the Beo 4 that has a copyright date of 1994 or 1995. Thanks.
    Posted to Forum by bchessler on 05-24-2011
  • Re: Beomedia 1 - how to switch off the TV Screen (Beovision 4/Beosystem 2)

    What version of the Beo4 software must be present before [P.MUTE] shows up as an available option under ADD? What would the cost be in order to upgarde ones Beo4 software in order to get that functionality? I have tried several times to locate [P.MUTE] without any luck. It would be so nice to turn off...
    Posted to Forum by Hildebrand on 03-06-2011
  • Re: Link Room speaker problem

    I believe that has to do with the Option settings, but couldn't say for sure. Option 6 : Used in a setup with the main system in one room, and the link room setup in another is the Factory Default setting for the BeoLink Wireless 1. According to the User Manual it list Option 5: Used if you set up...
    Posted to Forum by Hildebrand on 03-06-2011
  • How to update MX8000 with STB-C through the IR-out mini-jack?

    I have a MX8000 tv and would like to control my Triax T-HD 405 VA (not the version that acts like a DVD with control signal through the scart) with the Beo4 remote. I see that this Triax DVB-T is in the PUC Library. I've found information that it's possible to update the STB-C software and table...
    Posted to Forum by mfog on 01-04-2011
  • Sky HD and Magic Eye

    Hi all, Until last week i had a Beovision Avant (in the lounge) and beovision 3 (in the bedroom). I have replaced the lounge avant with Panasonic panel (3D with internet tv etc etc). These and my beaosound 9000 were connected by masterlink I now have a magic eye for my Sky HD transmission...
    Posted to Forum by bhavnish on 12-20-2010
  • BV8 und Apple TV über Beo4 steuern sowie Verlinkung von BS2300 und BL3500

    Hallo, ich habe über ebay einen gebrauchten BV8-32 erworben. Dieser war ohne das Systemmodul und ich habe dieses beim Freundlichen nachrüsten lassen. Dabei wollte mann mir statt der vorher vereinbarten €60 auf einmal € 204 für das Systemmodul berechnen, ebenso sollten die PUC...
    Posted to Forum by Cosi on 12-18-2010
  • Beo4 question on using list button

    I have just purchased beo4, have been using beo5 up till then (which I live and use but my partner prefers the beo4). Question I have is I have programmed BV8-40 to have STB as DTV2, which is brought up by the Beo4 List button along with N Music, N Radio etc that I also have in my system. When I go through...
    Posted to Forum by GarryNT on 11-27-2010
  • Beovision 7 / Beo 4

    Ik heb altijd muziek kunnen luisteren via de beovision 7 (via de afstandsbediening het beeld kunnen uitzetten). Helaas kan ik , na de verbouwing, de code niet meer vinden om deze optie via de beo 4 te gebruiken. Wie kan hierin ondersteunen !!!!! Alvast dank
    Posted to Forum by Dutchielike on 11-02-2010
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