STB-C Supported Products

This group will be updated as information becomes available with any "chip" updates for the STC-C

This section does NOT cover recent Televisions with PUC (Flash update)

Television with STB-C (Set Top Box Controller) as standard or can be fitted as an extra are:-

BeoCenter 1 
BeoCenter AV5
BeoSystem 1
BeoSystem 1 MK III
BeoSystem 2
BeoSystem 2 MK III
BeoVision 1
BeoVision 1 LS
BeoVision 1 Update
BeoVision 3 - 32
BeoVision 5
BeoVision AV 9000 Beo4
BeoVision Avant - 28 DVD
BeoVision Avant - 32 DVD MK III
BeoVision Avant - 32 MK II MK III
BeoVision Avant RF - 28
BeoVision Avant RF - 32
BeoVision Avant 100 HZ MK I MK II
BeoVision Avant CTV
BeoVision MX 4000
BeoVision MX 4000 IT
BeoVision MX 4000 NT
BeoVision MX 4002 Beo4
BeoVision MX 4002 MK II
BeoVision MX 6000
BeoVision MX 6000 IT
BeoVision MX 6000 NT
BeoVision MX 7000
BeoVision MX 7000 IT
BeoVision MX 7000 NT

BeoCenter 1 Update

BeoSystem 1 MK II

BeoSystem 2 MK II
BeoVision 1 L

BeoVision 1 Update II
BeoVision 3-32 MK III
BeoVision 5 - 42 MK III
BeoVision AV 9000 IT
BeoVision Avant - 32 DVD
BeoVision Avant - 32 MK I

BeoVision Avant RF - 28 CTV
BeoVision Avant 50 HZ MK III MK IV
BeoVision Avant 100 HZ MK III

BeoVision MX 4000 Beo4
BeoVision MX 4000 MK II

BeoVision MX 4002 IT
BeoVision MX 4002 NT
BeoVision MX 6000 Beo4
BeoVision MX 6000 MK II

BeoVision MX 7000 Beo4
BeoVision MX 7000 MK II


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  • Re: Western Europe Chip Version

    Thanks for the shots of the STB table. I have just received the chip for my Avant RF and it's labelled Western Europe V4.28. When fitted, I'll post any variations. Question: where is this chip (IC5 I think) located in the Avant RF? I have already replaced the overall s/w to V10.3 and the AC3 s/w to allow DTS so I thought it would be easy......
    Posted to STB-C Supported Products (Forum) by mgcassidy on 02-27-2011
  • Re: Western Europe Chip Version

    Sorry for delayed response - here's screenshots of what Western Europe Table 4.25 gives:
    Posted to STB-C Supported Products (Forum) by Guy1680 on 02-20-2011
  • Re: Western Europe Chip Version

    Are there are Motorola STBs listed? I'm assuming it has Apple Remote in there. I have a chip in transit from a UK dealer to the US for my UK Avant TV which works perfectly in the US but no significant US STB support. Apparently its Version 4.28 and I'm guessing a Northern Europe chip. There is only one early Motorola STB in there with no DVR...
    Posted to STB-C Supported Products (Forum) by mgcassidy on 02-13-2011
  • Western Europe Chip Version

    I just fitted the latest Western Europe chip version to my BV3. Service menu states 'Table 4.25' and shows 38 STBs listed.
    Posted to STB-C Supported Products (Forum) by Guy1680 on 02-13-2011
  • Re: Northern Europe "Chip" versions

    Version 4.10 is not available any longer. Version 4.20: 1 Dilog DT-550DVR 2 Vantage HD6000S 3 Triax TRIAX THD 405VA 4 Sony Playstation 3 5 Sagem DTR 94xxxTA HD 5 6 Tilgin MOOD 400-020 7 Dreambox 800HD PVR 8 Grundig GDP 7700 9 TViX M6500A HD 10 Samsung H670N 11 Get KCF-3000NS PVR 12 Maximum TS-3000 CX-CI 13 Digiality DIGIA. CX-CI422 14 Digiality DIGI...
    Posted to STB-C Supported Products (Forum) by sverreh on 03-05-2010