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  • 12-17-2007 2:12 PM

    Lack of software availability

    I am getting very annoyed with this forum at the moment. There is alot of very helpful advice on how to configure the beo5, which is all pointless for those of us without the software. It is not the forums fault, or the dealers, but I (and I assume lots of other owners) had lots of plans which are now irrelevant. Now we are just being teased with all the possibilities and fancy icons, which we will never have.

    I have spent a fortune with my local store, kitting out most of my house, but they refuse to give me the software. They are trying their hardest to be helpful, but there is a limit to their (and my) patience.

     When I ordered the TV and remote the dealer understood that I would only buy if I could have the software. They then got an email from B&O to remind them not to give it out. So for fear of losing their franchise they refused to give it to me. The owner came round to my house for a long discussion on this. I even persuaded him that B&O should not give out the software because most of their consumers expect it to work out of the box without any user programming at all.

    I am now in a conflicting state of mind: Either take back the useless piece of junk and upset the relationship I have with my dealer, or just stick it in a cupboar for a year until B&O can be bothered with customer service. Or throw away even more money by finding a dealer who is willing to sell a remote with the software.  


    Please B&O, if you expect me to buy another product from you again (my dealer is already under instruction to get me the new BS 5 as soon as it is launched) sort it out.

    BV 7-40 MkIII, Avant RF, BL 5's & 4000's, BS 9000, and Beo4+5. Waiting for BS 5
  • 12-17-2007 2:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Lack of software availability

    The fact that the configuration software was restricted to dealer use was made plain weeks if not months before the Beo5 was launched. The dealers all new about this so yours should not have made promises he could not keep.

    B&O set their stall out from the beginning so your complaint is with the dealer. Suggest you get him to take it back or program it for you as you require.

    The config software is severely bug ridden and not suitable for release to the general public anyway. I suspect that the software engineers are all working on Beosound/Beomaster 5 so won't have any time to go looking for bugs anyway!

    Regards Graham

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