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  • 11-27-2007 7:16 PM

    Beo 5 - Day 1

    Remote was delivered along with the new TV (BeoVision 7-40 Mark III). I haven't got a clue how to use it! I take it out of the charger, it says on the screen 'Lounge.' What do I do next? I pressed every button on it but not one of them responded. What is the very first thing you need to press or do? Apparently it has been programmed with my 9 favourite Sky channels but I have no idea how to get their logos/icons even showing on the display. I couldn't even figure out how to turn the volume up or down. I assume the click wheel is used but nothing hapenned when I tried. Does it come with a user manual? Mine only came with a charger manual, which covers 2 paragraphs in total of irrelevent information!

    I am not unhappy and I am not complaining because I bought this remote knowing their would be teething problems. However, because I am not tired, and because I can't call the shop until tomorrow, I thought I would sit down and create this post to see what useful help you guys can give me before I get a chance to contact the shop again, which might not be tomorrow because I am out all day. Thanks, and I hope you are all having fun with your remotes!

    By the way, I have a BeoVision 7-40 Mark III and a BeoLab 7-2 speaker. A BeoSound 9000 is masterlinked to this. I also have a BeoCom 2, several BeoCom 6000s, a BeoSound 3 and an A9 keyring. I don't know how many of these products can be controlled by the Beo 5 remote but if anybody has a similar setup and can send me any templates (along with the software to install them) then please do as they will be gratefully received. I'd like to try and work this out for myself but I need a starting point. Please send any useful information to me at any time. Thank you.

    All the best.


    "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." 7-40, 7-2, 9000, BS3, BC2, LC2, BC6000, Beo5
  • 11-27-2007 7:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Beo 5 - Day 1

    You need to press harder on the screen...
  • 11-28-2007 11:48 AM In reply to

    Re: Beo 5 - Day 1

    As said - you need to press harder on the screen - i had the same troubles 

    Good luck!


  • 11-28-2007 2:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Beo 5 - Day 1

    Thanks to you both. Pressing harder has fixed the problem and it now works. How ridiculous for touch screen technology! Next issue that has arisen is that when I choose a channel by pressing one of the 9 logos on the remote, the channel comes up, but immediately then brings up the Planner section of the Sky menu as if it wants me to choose a previosu recording to playback. I assume the person who programmed it got this wrong, so do I take it back or can I resolve this with the software when I download it? What cable do I need to plug the remote into the PC to transfer the software? Thanks, Simon.
    "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." 7-40, 7-2, 9000, BS3, BC2, LC2, BC6000, Beo5
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    Re: Beo 5 - Day 1

    The Beonic Man:
    How ridiculous for touch screen technology! .

    Simon, the screen has two properties. A light touch causes a highlighted square around the 'button' then a harder press activtes it.
    The cable is the same as most digital cameras.
    It would appear that person who programmed it put the wrong command on your logo 'buttons'. Yes, you can fix this easily when you download the software.
    Andy T.

    Poor me, never win owt!

  • 11-28-2007 4:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Beo 5 - Day 1

    I think the two touch screen is absolutely fantastic!! What all touch sensitive screens should have - a bit of feedback. You did try it out in store first I take it?

    Surprised that the store didn't demonstrate it in your home when they set up the TV. That is usual practice. 

  • 11-28-2007 5:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Beo 5 - Day 1

    Thanks Andy and Peter.

    Andy, I will try what you suggest tomorrow when I get a chance to plug it to my laptop, download the software and play around for a bit. Thanks for the info. 

    Peter, it was all a bit of a rush, I only ordered it on Friday and it was delivered with my TV on Tuesday, so the poor guy at the shop only had Monday to program it for me. He has done a good job and I am pleased. Its not a problem for me to take it back in as I visit the showroom fairly often when I am in town. It wasn't demonstrated to me when the engineers were here because they forgot to bring the charger and manuals with it and the remote had no life left in the battery so they just installed the TV and left. I picked up the charger in the afternoon and tried it when I got back home later. Now that I have read the last two posts and better understand the idea behind the two touch process I love it too. Its clever. It also dawned on me that perhaps another thought behind pushing the button harder is that it allows you to clean the screen surface lightly with a cloth without activating anything. Just a guess but it serves the purpose well either way. I have been using it since my last post here and I really am loving this remote a lot so far. The back lighting behind the buttons is superb for operating in the dark. It is truly a feat of classic B&O engineering once again. So pleased and love the excitement I get from using it. Can't wait to watch it get better and better as time goes on. A great purchase!


    "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." 7-40, 7-2, 9000, BS3, BC2, LC2, BC6000, Beo5
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