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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 11-14-2007 3:58 PM by CTunafish. 7 replies.
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  • 11-11-2007 5:20 PM

    Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    Hello team!

    My recently inherited Beogram CD 50 (part of a 1980s BeoSystem 5000) is not producing sound consistently. I've tried a number of CDs and they react the same way. It occasionally produces a little sound, of very poor quality, but more often than not it's silent. The graphics on the front of the player indicate that it's reading the CD normally. It seems that something is not connecting properly, but wiggling & reseating the 7-pin DIN cable plugs at the receiver & CD ends doesn't appear to make any difference. I tried moving the 7-pin DIN cable at the receiver end from the AUX-CD to the PHONO socket and this improved matters considerably by making the sound consistent, but the quality was still quite poor.

    Before consigning this beautiful old creation to my local municipal recycling centre, I wondered if anybody could suggest any useful suggestions. If there's any hope for it I'll probably also want some advice on it's droopy CD tray front panel which is merely cosmetically troublesome. Cheers!

    Chris T.  

  • 11-11-2007 5:27 PM In reply to

    • Alex
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    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    If moving the connection from the CD input to the PHONO input produced different results, then the fault's probably with the BeoMaster.

    Probably needs it's relays cleaning, something a service engineer should be able to do.

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  • 11-11-2007 5:44 PM In reply to

    • Dillen
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    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    Maybe your amp can't be ruled out but there are some capacitors near the power supply area on the
    bottom main PCB in the CD50.
    One or two are for the muting circuit and I've seen them go wrong a couple of times.
    Look through the schematics in the service manual and you'll see what I mean.

    The front door hangs if someone tried to pull it open, not realising that a gentle push on the word "OPEN" is what it takes. A metal bracket running from the door to the rear will be bent now and in need of a gentle hand to get it back in correct shape.

    There will be many takers if you decide to part with the CD50, including me. Parts are becoming scarce so the parts value alone could be respectable.


  • 11-11-2007 5:51 PM In reply to

    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    Try one of the other sources. Tape if you have it or radio. Do they work OK?

    Regards Graham

  • 11-12-2007 5:10 AM In reply to

    • h1npw
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    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    Hi Chris

    Where abouts are you? I know a man who can bring CD50s back form the dead!



  • 11-12-2007 3:32 PM In reply to

    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    Thanks all for the amazingly rapid responses and good suggestions. I tried to run the CD through the tape sockets but these don't work. I hadn't realised until today that the tape drive doesn't work either (but I'll save that question for another day)!  I tried to run the PHONO through the AUX-CD and this doesn't appear to work, though it does work through its own socket. Looks like I may have to resort to professional help here, unless the service manuals are available online and user friendly?

    In response to Nigel, I'm located near Devizes in Wiltshire. How do I find a local service engineer?  Thanks all!

     Chris T.

  • 11-12-2007 4:58 PM In reply to

    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    You need to talk to Tim Jarman who is in Farnborough in Hampshire! He has just fixed my CD50 - now working a treat! Contact him at . The service manual for the CD50 is actually on site though you need to be a silver or gold member. The Beocord will probably need new belts. Martin, Dillen on site, can probably supply these along with instructions!
  • 11-14-2007 3:58 PM In reply to

    Re: Ancient Beogram CD 50 not happy

    Hi Peter,

    Oh, I've just moved away from that area!  I still have friends in the vicinity though so should be able to arrange a delivery some time if Tim's happy to take it on. Thanks very much indeed!  Hugely appreciated.

     Chris T.

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