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  • 10-28-2007 6:03 AM

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    Selecting A.AUX in link room, does not work

    I have my LX6000 connected to my BS9000 by a sound-only cord. Therefore there isn't link between the two.

    When I want a more powerful sound I turn on the BS9000, connected to Pentas, on A.AUX. Either I press A.MEM on my Beo4 or A.AUX on the Beo5. Both works fine.

    In my link room, option 4, I can press LINK - A.MEM, but I cannot get my Beo5 to work. I have tried both A.AUX and A.MEM, with link set to 1. Nothing works. I triggers the MCL-2A box, but it does not turn on the ML/MCL amplifier. If the ML/MCL is runnig I can switch the MCL-2A box on by selecting LINK - RADIO and covering the IR emitter, and then turn the wheel, but that is not user friendly.

    Can anyone advise on which IR codes turn on the MCL in a link room, that is in option 4?

    (BTW everything works fine in an other link room, that is not in link option.)

    Living room: BV7-40 mkIV + V8000, BL5, BL3, BM1 and BS9000. Bedroom: MX3000 and BL4500 on MCL2-AV. Around: PentaIII, CX100 and MCX35 on ML/MCL + MCL2-A, BeoPort and BL4 on ML, BS3300 + M75 as stand alone, BC6000 + BC600 and BT1100, LC1, LC2, Beo4, Beo5 and BL1000, BS2 and A8, EarSet2, Apron, Coffee mugs, Enamel Bagdes, Bath towel, Keyring, Books, Lots of miniature and the Bottle opener. Office: BC2300 + BL2500 and BS3. Summer house: BS Century.

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    Re: Selecting A.AUX in link room, does not work

    Hej Christian,

    in my main room A.AUX in of my BS 9000 is connected to A.AUX out of my BS 7000 in a linkroom (audio - no datalink). I cn control the 
    BS 7000 via a MCL 2a in option 4. Works with Beo4 and Beo5. For Beo5 I programmed a macro: Link-CD powers on both systems
    BS 7000-CD and BS 9000-A.AUX (+ Speaker in main room...). In linkroom I can control the BS 9000-CD Changer by Link-CD ( 1 button).
    Powers on BS 9000-CD and BS 7000 A.AUX (connected to an MCL 2a and ML-MCL Converter). So controlling MCL 2a in option 4 via Beo5 works. Link must be set to 1 and A.AUX command to RADIO....(?). Hope this helps.

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