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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 02-20-2012 7:09 PM

    Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    I am experiencing an odd problem with DVD1's and my "new" MX5000. The MX5000 had all capacitors replaced a year ago. I connected a DVD1 Mark 1 via SCART cable to the MX5000, and it worked fine after I set the MX5000 to Option 1. I also have a Beosystem 7000 connected via an AUX cable. Later, when I was sending option commands, the DVD1 stopped accepting commands altogether, and in fact would not even go to standby when the MX was commanded to standby (this with either a Beolink 1000 or Beolink 7000).

    I swapped my DVD1 Mark 1 with a DVD1 Mark 2 that was hooked to my Avant. The Mark 1 worked fine when connected to the Avant via RGB, S video, and separate datalink cables. And the Mark 2 worked fine with the MX. So I thought there was something wrong with the DVD1 Mark 1 and the SCART. 

    Well, while troubleshooting an issue with simultaneous two-way communications from both the MX and the Beomaster 7000, I sent Picture Option 0 to the MX. And then the DVD1 Mark 2 stopped working right after ward! I sent various combinations of Picture Option 1, V Opt 1, and even got out my Beo4 and followed the DVD1 instructions for sending Video Option, Tuner, 1. Nothing works. 

    So my conclusion is that sending the option commands is somehow telling the MX to stop relaying remote commmands to the DVD1, or that some option command went to the DVD1 to tell it to stop responding. 

    Any ideas how to get my DVD1 back working again? 

  • 02-24-2012 4:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    To get things clear.

    Option 0 Audio or Video shuts down the ir-reception, nothing more.

    Option 1, Each audio or video device reacts to it own commands

    Option 2 This makes the video OR the audio a Master device. Video option 2, then Audio in option 0 (when linked and speakers attached to the Video device). Audio Option 2, then Video in option 0 and speakers connected to the audio device.


    Option programming is done in stand by and confirmed by the flashing once by the red dot led.

    Option via Beo4 => VOpt or Aopt(under Standy and List simultainiously, then config), then press optionnumber

    Option BL 1000, choose ,sound, store, optionnumber, store (for audio option programming)

    Option BL 1000, choose, picture, store, optionnumber, store (for video option programming) 


    Putting the MX 5500 in option 0 sets the ir reception to off and so the DVD1 MKI or II, will not respond.

  • 02-24-2012 8:59 PM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply. I already tried this, but it did not work. Sending the picture 1 command unfortunately did not work. On the beolink 1000, there was no effect by pressing store in between picture and "1", but picture 1 store worked. I confirmed option commands are getting in, so that option 0 did stop command receipt, and option 1 restored it. However, the led does not flash while in standby on the TV (it does on every other b and o equipment I've done option programming on). The dvd1 is connected via the scart cable to the vtape input. When i press vtape the dvd1 turns on and starts playing. However, it does not take any commands, and when I put the tv in standby, the dvd1 does not go into standby. Any thoughts?

  • 02-25-2012 8:25 AM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    By connecting you mean on the MX or Avant? I remeber that on the MX, the DvD1 should be connected to the AV2 instead of AV1. The AV2 can be programmed as CDV, the AV1 only as VTAPE B&O. On the avant it should be CDV or DVD on AV. (depends on which type avant) A DVD1 reacts/starts on VTAPE instructions, but that's probably all. So, try a different source setting.
  • 02-26-2012 9:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    Thank you. I tried that. While video and audio come through, when I hook up the RCA jack Datalink socket on the back of the MX on the AV2 area to the Mini mono control jack on the back of the DVD1, it prevents the MX from responding to any remote commands, even to itself (which does work with the SCART). Is there an incompatibility issue? Is there a special cable that makes this work?

  • 02-26-2012 3:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    You've lost me here.

    Did you use the control jack on the back of the DVD1. The only use for that is for software updates.

    The only way the mx commands the DVD1 is by scart. On pin 8. So try another scart cable? a fully wired. Or is it the same as used with the avant?

  • 02-26-2012 6:49 PM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000


  • 02-26-2012 6:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    On the US MX5000, AV2 is not a SCART connection, it has a set of composite inputs, an SVHS input, and an RCA type connection marked Datalink. AV1 is a SCART, which is what I have been trying to make work. On the back of the US DVD1, there is a SCART jack, and a set of RGB inputs, a CONTROL jack and a SERVICE jack. The SERVICE jack is for software updates. US Avants do not have a SCART jack, so the way you connect a DVD1 to a US Avant is through the RGB connections, and a stereo mini to stereo mini plug that goes into the CONTROL jack. My DVD1 works just fine using these connections with my Avant, so I know the CONTROL jack on the DVD1 accepts commands from the Avant.

    I do have another SCART cable on my way - that is what the US Beocare suggested. However, I checked continuity on pin 8 of my SCART cable, and it is correctly wired. I suspect the new cablet won't correct it however, since both times this happened with both DVD1s everything was working fine until I sent a Picture option command. I suspect the software in the MX got confused. Is there anyway to do a reset on the MX software? It still concerns me that the LED on top of the MX does not flash when it accepts option commands, like every other B&O unit I have tried does.

    Thanks for all the help.



  • 02-28-2012 1:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Loss of remote commanding of DVD1 via MX5000

    Ok, I didn't know that it is an US type, here on the other continent we have only 2 scarts and a S-VHS socket.

    But I had in the past the same issue with option programming. I was told then that Picture Store 1 Store should work better then Picture 1 Store.

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