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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 01-19-2012 1:06 AM

    Beosound 4000 no sound no display

    New Beoworld member. Been collecting B&O for 15 years. Got a Beosound 4000 from Ebay badly damaged from shipping. Glass doors broken. Scratched black plastic on right side plus clamper. Not returnable because of Ebay. 

    Unit powers up sliding mechanism works. Push buttons work for cd and tape tape advances and cd turns.  

    But display only shows standby dot. Dot will flash to show its receiving commands. But nothing else.

    No sound from powerlink 5 pin adapter to beolab pentas.

    Faintest sound to headphone connection

  • 01-19-2012 1:39 AM In reply to

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    Re: Beosound 4000 no sound no display

    Not sure what you're looking for here.  The obvious answer: work with the seller to file a 'damaged during shipping' claim.  If the package appeared damaged when you received it you should have opened it in the presence of the deliverer (mail man, fedex, ups?).  If not, take photos of the packaging and damaged Beosound.  Don't throw anything out, as you might need it as proof.  If the seller didn't insure it against damage, ask him why not.  If you feel he packed it improperly, file a "not as described" claim against him.  Good luck.

  • 01-19-2012 3:14 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 4000 no sound no display

    Unfortuately, the Ebay Seller is really bad.  Hindsight 20/20.  Didn't insure it.  I am fighting with Ebay on this through an appeal.  Definitely will require Ebay sellers to have at least 95%.  His is 91.5%.

    So, this is mine for better or worse.  Now gotta figure out why the display doesn't come on nor the sound.  


    Any ideas fellow B&O enthusiasts ?

  • 02-03-2012 6:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 4000 no sound no display

    I would just like to know what the BeoSOUND 4000 looks like Confused I've never seen one -and I can't find it here on Beoworld.

    I know the BeoCenter 4000 -but it has no glass-doors (or a CD) -so it can not be that one you're talking about...

    Was BS 4000 a special name for the US market (like the BS 2000) -or what???Huh?

  • 02-04-2012 5:08 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 4000 no sound no display

    Was BS 4000 a special name for the US market

    how about here:

    (Don't know how to mark it as a link Sad

    EDIT: found & fixed it...

    Interesting thing about international FM as well - didn't know that

    It's on beocentral as well - at least now


  • 02-04-2012 5:20 AM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 4000 no sound no display

    BeoSound 4000 is also known as BeoSound Ouverure. You might have heard about that one.....Wink 

    It is hard to say what is wrong from a distance. Might be a connector that came loose or a PCB that has broken, who knows. The only way to find out is having it repaired.......

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