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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 11-15-2011 7:54 AM

    Problems with Beogram CD5500

    As a newcomer to this forum, has anyone else suffered from the same problem I have with my 5500 CD player?

    After many years of excellent service, my CD player is now not recognising many of my CDs.  They slide into the machine OK, but no track numbers appear and the CD does not play.  It seems to be the same CDs all the time which do not play.  My local dealer says it could be a laser problem but was unable to offer any ideas on how to fix it. Similarly, an e-mail to B & O brought the responce that the machine was too old to repair.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. I do not have the technical skills to attempt any repairs myself!! 

  • 11-15-2011 9:40 AM In reply to

    Re: Problems with Beogram CD5500

    Many people have suffered the same problem, it's a common one. There is a simple fix which your B&O dealer will know all about but probably can't be arsed to fix it for you.

    Any electronics technician should be able to replace C2103 on the CD servo board.

    Can I suggest that you enter C2103 in the search facility in the top right corner of every page of the forum when you should find full details of the fix.

    Regards Graham

  • 11-22-2011 5:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Problems with Beogram CD5500

    Hello again Graham.

    Thanks for the info about C2103-very useful, but at the moment I haven't been able to find anyone to do the fix.  Like you, I live in Canbridgeshire, so I wondered if you knew of anyone suitable in the county.

    Kind regards



  • 11-22-2011 7:17 AM In reply to

    Re: Problems with Beogram CD5500

    Email sent

    Regards Graham

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