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Latest post 11-08-2011 3:58 PM by TWG. 2 replies.
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  • 11-08-2011 6:39 AM

    B&O homepage video

    Hi guys,


    I just visited the B&O homepage, haven't done so in a long time...


    Now, am I the only one left wondering what connection this video where the new CEO is talking for several minutes about a running event has to B&O today?


    Also about death of the runners father, chainsaw trough his body... etc.


    I'm very puzzled. 





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  • 11-08-2011 7:11 AM In reply to

    Re: B&O homepage video


    B&O's new marketing campaign is called "what moves you", and you'll have more & more interviews of people telling us what moves (or moved) them; so it's not a product campaign, there is also another video with a danish ballet dancer.

    What I like about the official website, since Tue got involved, is that you've got new videos almost every week, and the "news" section is always moving, that's quite a pleasant change compared to older times (not so long ago, actually!) when you had a news update after 3 or even 4 months..!I still wonder if people go to the BeoLounge section, as this one looks dead..for a good reason, it's too slow & static!

    Another new improvement is B&O's faster response time when sending a request to the "contact us" people Stick out tongue: you could wait for days before someone answered your question, and now the answer comes back on the same day, if not within one hour..Yes -  thumbs up

    Reunion Island is greeting you!

  • 11-08-2011 3:58 PM In reply to

    • TWG
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    Re: B&O homepage video

    I think B&O should do the videos more professional and as emotional as they where intended to be!
    They try to make some kind of an image film... but honestly they failed.

    When I saw the 1st video with Tue and the story about the runner I thought "Oh, they're learning, and they're moving forward!"... but this turned to the bad side after Tue started to wave his arms to the music etc. It looks absolutely unnatural and the video fails to transport the message!
    The 1st 50% are good... but then it started to fail.

    B&O should work it over and even if Tue seems to like himself, he should allow a self critic view of a video and gonna ask an art director to help. It looks only like a nice try - and that's a shame because it's not a hobby company, no, it's Bang & Olufsen! 

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