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  • 10-04-2011 12:46 PM

    Help with Beogram RX?

    I have a Beogram RX (radial-tracking) that my father-in-law stopped using.  It has two major problems:  (1) The suspension no longer seems to be isolating the subchassis, even with the transport screws unscrewed--the subchassis is floating, but if you tap on the plinth it audibly shakes the tonearm and platter; and (2) the antiskate is wacky:  Even with the arm balanced then the tracking force set at over 1 gram, the tonearm slides off the outside of any LP.  Any thoughts?

    I checked the springs and they look fine; they are, er, springy, and have plenty of play.  I also checked and cleaned the stylus.  I still need a service manual.

    (PS  Maybe this is my fault:  When I got it, the RX had some broken parts inside – the plastic blocks that hold down the dustcover springs -- so I removed the platter and put the transport screws into the transport position – locking down the subchassis – sand ecured the tonearm with a foam rubber block, then turned the turntable upside down and gently rocked it back and forth – quite a few times – to get the broken parts to fall out.  I think I may somehow have screwed it up that way, or maybe it was already broken.)

    Any thoughts?  I'd send it out for repairs, but working RXs sell locally for around $50 on Craig's List, so it's nmot really worth paying for repairs.  Thanks.

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    Re: Help with Beogram RX?

    Does the RX have a "cue" button like the RX 2?  If yes, put an LP on the table.  Press "cue."  The platter should spin and the tonearm should move to inside the outer edge of the LP, but the tonearm should not lower.

    Where does the stylus line up on the record?  "Somewhere over the approximate middle of the lead-in groove" is the proper answer.

    On an RX 2, if you're too far toward the outside, the stylus can slide off the edge of the record rather than fall into the lead-in groove and ultimately begin playing the record, even if the anti-skating is fine.

    If you're too far toward the outside, you can adjust where the tonearm moves to when "start" or "cue" is pressed.  Or you can simply press "cue," wait for the tonearm to move into position, nudge the tonearm to the left a bit with your finger, then press "cue" again to lower the stylus onto the record.

    One other thing the first:  are you sure your stylus still has a decent tip?

    One other thing the second:  where are you located where you can get a working RX for $50 on Craig's List?

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