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  • 06-16-2011 7:00 PM

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    connecting old to new

    possible to connect speakers like the 6000 or 8000s to beomaster 5500?  anyone know what the receiver end of the cables on the active speakers look like?

  • 06-17-2011 2:19 AM In reply to

    Re: connecting old to new

    The speakers are optimally connected to Powerlink outputs, but the 5500 doesn't have any.

    In this particular case it is not a show stopper though, as the 5500 has volume controlled preamp outputs. You switch the speakers to "line" mode, connect them with long RCA cables to the "pre amp" connectors on the receiver, and you're done.

    The drawbacks are that you lose the instant speaker switch on/off, they will stay on for a while after you turn the receiver off. As I recall the power amplifier of the 5500 will stay needlessly in the signal path as well.

    The Powerlink connector is the same in both ends of the cable (8-pin DIN male).


    (I put my moderator hat on and deleted your other post with similar content to avoid two confusing threads)


  • 06-17-2011 4:58 PM In reply to

    Re: connecting old to new

    One small disadvantage of connecting active speakers to the pre-amp outputs,is that the muting does'nt function.This might not matter if you only have speakers connected to the Beomaster,but if you have a link system in use too,switching on the system in a link room,will put the active speakers on in the main room also.Better praps to connect the actives to the SP1 outputs via step down attenuator cable/adaptor.The pre-amp outputs are in fact taken from a step down network across the amplifier output,before the muting relay.

    Idealy,the amplifier can be modified to provide powerlink outputs including trigger/mute signals.


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