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  • 05-30-2011 2:22 PM

    Beocord 1900

    I have a Beocord 1900 which plays wonderfully through a Beomaster 1900. However after a time the volume decreases and to get the correct volume back i push the on/off button which temporarily restores the correct level of sound. Does anyone have an explanation as to why this is happening and hopefully a solution? Regards, Neil.

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    Re: Beocord 1900

    Sounds like a capacitor problem which would come as no surprise.
    Check the muting signal on the base of 2TR100 and 2TR200 (or anode of 2D1).
    A rising DC here will cause a gradually lower and lower volume and eventually complete mute.
    A voltage ramp like this could suggest a leaking capacitor.
    If the muting voltage is indeed creeping up, I would check 1C3 (220uF) and 1C15 (1000uF) first, I think.

    Still no luck ? Maybe one of the diodes in the muting gate (2D1-4) has developed a leak or the connections
    to board module 3 is not the best.

    1C1 and 1C2 filters the Dolby supply and they can mess things up too but if the problem affects both
    channels simultaneously, unless both exactly equally bad, I suppose we can rule these out since they work with each their channel.


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    Re: Beocord 1900

    Thank you Martrin. This sounds far too technical for me! You recently supplied me with a belt for my Beocord 3500 which i fitted following your instructions and the cassette player now performs wonderfully. It obviously went to my head and i imagined that i could probably fix anything. I think i will sell it on ebay as spares or repairs maybe some one with a lot more skill than me can repair it. Once again thanks for your interest. Neil.

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