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  • 05-28-2011 8:30 AM

    How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    Hello guys,


    I've just bought Beomaster 2200 recently and really wondering

    how to switch on the machine ?

    I really have no idea how to turn it on


    thanks for help in advance :)

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  • 05-28-2011 9:11 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    You simply select a source. This receiver is a real gem - very under rated - one of the very best sounding that B&O made. Came out at the same time as the 2400 which had remote control and touch sensitive buttons but the 2200 was better sounding.To change between FM and AM, you press the dialing wheel - the lights change to show which scale you are using.

  • 05-28-2011 9:30 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    Thanks for your advice peter,


    but my problem is... I just can't get this thing turn on.

    the old owner said there's combination of button pressing to turn it on.

    I just don't know what it is, if you know please help me :)



  • 05-28-2011 9:35 AM In reply to

    • Dillen
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    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    Welcome to Beoworld !

    Most likely the internal power switch (not the key top has seized in dust, dirt and oxidation.
    That's very common and very often the source buttons will not latch in and stay down.
    Not an easy fix but not impossible either.
    Worth the repair.


  • 05-28-2011 9:42 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    I think it works properly coz the old owner switched it on and let me hear this gem sound already, and it works so fine

    I just forget the way to power on it, please help me :)



  • 05-28-2011 9:55 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    Try pressing the AM button on the front - the receiver should light up. I take it that you have attached speakers? That really is all you need to do. Sometimes when you move electronics, you can get a bad connection. I would alternate pressing the off button with one of the source buttons.

  • 05-28-2011 10:08 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    yes, I attached 2200 with Rogers LS1 I tried pressing AM button but no light come up


    and the second option is it to press and hold 'off' button and pressing another source button or press 1-2 of them ?



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  • 05-28-2011 10:30 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    No - you only need to press one button at a time. I think Martin is correct and the buttons are sticking. It is sometimes worth turning the receiver on and off repeatedly as this might free it off. Otherwise it will be time for a clean.

  • 05-28-2011 10:58 AM In reply to

    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?



    if it is this simple to turn it on, after I tried pressing off / tape buttons several times and ain't work out

    maybe it's time for me to see the technician... just clean off the sticky button right ?


    thanks every comments :)

  • 05-28-2011 2:58 PM In reply to

    • Dillen
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    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?

    There's a tiny spring on the power switch held between two hooks. One hook is the slider and it's usually white.
    You can try pushing the white hook a little in the same direction the spring pulls and I'm sure that
    the power switch will release. (Don't work inside the Beomaster with mains connected!).
    However, the next time you switch off, it will probably seize again.
    In some cases, the spring will have lost a bit of tension and it can be tightened slightly to make it work again.
    This may, however, only provide for a temporary working solution.
    The correct thing to do is to replace the power switch but it's no longer available.
    Next best thing, and it works just as well if done properly, is to take the power switch apart, clean it and put it back together,
    which is where the job gets a bit fiddly.
    Inside the power switch are the four stationary contacts that has the mains leads soldered at their outer ends, two
    moveable contact points and a slider with a spring with two nylon bushings. It's all within about 1cm2 and parts
    will escape to all sides when you take the switch apart (doing it inside a large zipper bag or similar will help you
    keep track of all stray parts).
    The contact points (six in total) and the holding points for the moveable contacts should be cleaned off oxidation
    and they will usually have quite an amount.
    Inside the switch housing you will most likely find a nice amount of fiber dust from the wearing of the housing and slider.
    This dust is easily removed with a tiny brush dipped in IPA.
    Resist the temptation to lubricate the slider, it will only bring headaches later (don't ask how I know).
    The contact points etc. can be cleaned wiith good results using a glass-hair brush.
    Don't use contact cleaner in a mains switch, clean the contacts manually.
    Contact cleaner sprayed into a switch may shift the dirt around a bit but it will not remove anything.
    When it dries, it will allow the dirt to settle down where it just happens to sit now and in the best of
    cases the contact cleaning agent will evaporate completely and not add to the mess, that's rare though in that
    most contact cleaners contain a little amount of lubricant, silicone or whatever and that will only attract and
    hold on to more dust and dirt.
    Never use any WD40, 3-in-1 or other similar wonders and rust loseners in a stereo, it belongs in the garage.
    The switch housing is held together with small melted plastic "rivets" which will have to be broken off and the housing
    closed again using a tiny amount of superglue but not until you are sure that it works as intended.
    A temporary fixation can be made using nylon cable ties (which can be left in there as an extra support if there's room).
    Gaining access to the switch and having it dismounted from the Shadow-type switch bank is in itself a task.
    Basic electronic tools and skills are required. A good amount of patience, handling of small parts (tweezers etc.) and
    some soldering is involved as well.

    No, it's not easy but yes, it's worth it and very rewarding too.
    Any good technician can do it.
    For reference, it normally takes me about an hour (not counting the time spent looking for stray parts).

    The above applies to mains switch problems in Beomaster 2200 and derivates Beocenter 3300 and 4000.
    A similar switch with similar problems is found in Beomaster 1600 (the caterpillar version) and 1700, it
    can be repaired the same way and accessing the switch in these Beomasters is much easier.


  • 05-29-2011 12:14 AM In reply to

    • geearr
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    Re: How to switch on Beomaster 2200 receiver ?


    Just a quick thought where  I have been caught out on this one before.  Speaker cable plugs can be either put into speaker 1 or speaker 2 sockets.  However, the speaker switches must be set to on.  If the previous owner was using different sockets to you, you might have to reset these switches.  They are well hidden and often overlooked.

    Just a thought


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