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  • 02-06-2011 12:52 PM


    I have just replaced the drop downfront keypanel on my Beomaster 5000.

    Since connecting back up, the quality of the sound has changed.

    Initially for the first 20 seconds aprox when in radio mode, the station needs re tuning.

    This happens automatically and the sound assumes a tuned quality.

    Also the level of volume decreased, this can be adjusted by increasing the volume level, but

    there is a difference  from about 2.6 original level, which needs adjusting to 3.0- 3.2 .

    I also tried the CD player, for a comparison. The sound volume  started too high with distortion  , upon lowering it went away.

    Distortion starts at aprox 3.0, which really is not that loud.

    As I have cx100 speakers fitted, they are more than adequate to deal with the low levels of volume.Also it worked perfectly until i repaired the front part of the amplifier !!!l

    Can anyone help with a suggestion for the cause?

    I do have my doubts, that some stattic has affected some of the circuit during the repair. How likely is this?



  • 02-06-2011 3:15 PM In reply to

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    Static electricity can ruin lots of electronic circuits and the Beomaster 5000
    does have CMOS circuitry so we can't rule that diagnose out.
    If you didn't use a proper ESD workspace and ESD tools, the risks of static
    discharges are higher.
    It would be a very strong discharge for you to notice it. The electronics
    are far more sensitive.

    But there are some things you can check first:
    Check all connectors and plugs. Check also their solder joints, especially at the
    processor board and any other plugs you've touched.
    There's a small vertical board behind the front panel, holding a couple of trimmers.
    If you somehow disturbed them, it could cause trouble with regards to the tuning.


  • 02-06-2011 3:36 PM In reply to


    And check all supply voltages.

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