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  • 01-17-2011 12:40 PM

    Manual XML Macro


    Hello  All,

    I am having trouble using the Beo5 Config Tool to create macros.  I am using the newest version on a windows 7 machine.

    My problem is that the program allows me to make a macro, but when I come to view the code the remote only transmits the first part of the command.  I am using an XML file that I have edited myself, it works fine no problems what so ever.

    My question is can I program the macros manually into the XML file, I am not new to programming the XML files,  but  would not know where to  start programming my own.


    Any help would be greatly apprechiated.

    Many Thanks


  • 01-17-2011 3:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Manual XML Macro

    Unfortunately even using the latest version of Configuration Tool has problems in some situations with Macros. Because B&O have never really got this correct.

    You say you are using an XML file you edited yourself, are you talking about a product XML file or the whole "Configuration.xml" file ?

    If you are talking about a product XML file you have produced say for a 3rd party product, then, yes you could manually edit the file without problems. However, manually editing the "Configuration.xml" whilst not impossible would be complex and opened to mistakes.

    Regards Keith....

  • 12-20-2011 10:46 AM In reply to

    Re: Manual XML Macro

    Hi Keith, how can I edit the xml file for a deco (coship) to have button which send one number after other...for example: HBO = do I need to write the "RAW"...I've learned the IR codes with Lintronic and created the XML, but It only has the numbers:0,1,2,etc...I need to have the I write one RAW afeter the other? i mean, the RAW of 1, then the RAW of 0 and so on?...this is the "2": <source_subItem stName="DECO COSHIP CDVBC5120\2" stCaption="2" stMenuCaption="2" stScreenType="0" stIR="RAW:GlobalManual=1#ListOfFlanks=$2397,$1126,$0284,$01E6,$0288,$01CF,$029C,$0638,$0288,$01CD,$029F,$01C9,$0285,$01E9,$0286,$01CE,$029C,$01C8,$029D,$01CF,$0287,$0637,$0284,$01E6,$0289,$0637,$0284,$0640,$029D,$0638,$0288,$01CF,$029C,$0637,$0287,$0637,$0284,$01E8,$0286,$0637,$0284,$0640,$029D,$0638,$0287,$01CF,$029D,$01C9,$0284,$01E8,$0286,$01CD,$029E,$0637,$0288,$01CD,$029E,$01C9,$0285,$01E7,$0288,$0637,$0283,$063F,$029D,$0637,$0287,$7D00,$237F,$087E,$0287,$7767,$2398,$0864,$0287,$7767,$2397,$0866,$0286,$7769,$2395,$0864,$0288,$7766,$2397,$0864,$0287,$7766,$237F,$087E,$0286,$7D0#IRSEQUENCE=RAW#Carrier=38000#Pause1=65000#Pause2=65000#Comment=RAW FlankList: 92 flanks" stLeave="Rel 1" stIRVideoOp1="F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp2="F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp4="L_F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp5="F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp6="F0:TV:" stIRAudioOp1="F0:RADIO:" stIRAudioOp2="F0:TV:" stIRAudioOp4="L_F0:TV:" stIRAudioOp5="F0:RADIO:" stIRAudioOp6="F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp5Link="L_F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp6Link="L_F0:TV:" stIRAudioOp5Link="L_F0:RADIO:" stIRAudioOp6Link="L_F0:TV:" stIRVideoOp2Av="F0:RADIO:" stIRVideoOp4Av="L_F0:RADIO:" stIRVideoOp6Av="F0:RADIO:" stIRVideoOp6AvLink="L_F0:RADIO:" nPage="1" nX="426" nY="20" nWidth="213" nHeight="25" nRowFinal="1" nColumnFinal="2"/>...if I wanted to send the 205 when do i need to put the "0" and the "5"?

  • 12-21-2011 4:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Manual XML Macro

    I have decoded your RAW signal and I can see that it is an NEC1 protocol which the Beo5/6 firmware supports directly without having to use RAW which is an image copy only.

    You could add the RAW for each number one after the other, but you would need to include a delay of at least 50ms between each number otherwise the receiver may not keep up with the flow of numbers.

    If you attach a ZIP file with your Lintronics captured timings plus what numbers you wish to macro together I will create you an XML file and then you will see how it is done. Once you have seen how it is done you will then be able to add more as you need them.

    Regards Keith....

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