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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 07-03-2010 4:22 PM by timhanna. 2 replies.
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  • 07-03-2010 1:54 PM

    BeoSound 9000 -- Clunk sound when changing CDs

    Hi All,

    I just got myself a used BeoSound 9000 MK3. Totally mint and loving it :)

    Just one question though, there seems to be a plastic clunk sound when the BS9000 changes CDs, is this normal?


  • 07-03-2010 3:32 PM In reply to

    • Bieele
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    Re: BeoSound 9000 -- Clunk sound when changing CDs

    Some noise is normal during CD changes. Especially if you loaded the BS9000 with new CD's since they are never perfectly aligned to the CD mechanism.

    Enjoy your new great purchase! I am loving it as well!


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  • 07-03-2010 4:22 PM In reply to

    Re: BeoSound 9000 -- Clunk sound when changing CDs

    Thanks Bieele!


    Congratulations to you too for the BeoSound 9000 and for the football match!!!! haha.


    The BS9000 is truly a beautiful, iconic device; I am definitely impressed. It feels really nice owning one :) Regarding the clunk sound, I guess I expected it to be very silent; the thing is that in party mode the sound  stops when it changes CDs and a clunk sound doesnt really feel appropriate then! I change the settings so that the BS9000 is configured for the floorstand but i still get that sound...

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