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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 02-24-2010 10:49 AM by ouverture. 2 replies.
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  • 02-17-2010 8:41 PM

    • mjmedlo
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    Home Automation

    Have any of you any experience with home automation?

    I.E. lighting?. ..programming?

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. . 

    I'm looking at HAI and Crestron . .. 

    Would love to find a DIY solution


    I'm ready for something new that I actually want to buy!

  • 02-18-2010 5:30 AM In reply to

    • Judith
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    Re: Home Automation

    Hi, I have installed a Lutron Grafik Eye system which works with the Bang & Olufsen Beo4. It is in TheLuxPod, which is a studio flat in London. The Beo4 has the same interface as the Lutron Grafik Eye which was designed specifically to work with the B&O.  There was special firmware designed for it and I was the first to have it in London (so I have been told). Each color on the Beo4 is also represented on the Grafik Eye wall unit.  The touch key pad on the bed deck has the same sequential programmed selections, but not the colors.  

    It is also integrated with the electric shade in the property.  So for example, when a person walks into the flat, they press the wall unit (or the remote) and the lights go on and the electric shade goes up.  It is Sivoia which is recommended by Lutron.  The selections are very easy to reprogram at any time and can be done by yourself, once you get over the learning curve. You can have the shades change along with the programmed light selections.  For example, for watching TV, press one of the colored buttons on the Beo4 and the shade will go down and the lights will dim, as programmed.  You can manually override any of the setting by touching the Grafik Eye wall unit, or pressing the Beo4.  It is fantastic the way the lights can be changed to very specific incremental adjustments, if you wish to have a particular effect at a whim. There are a selection of covers also and they have the same high quality look as B&O products therefore fit very nicely together.

    The shade keypad next to the shade is the same shape as on the bed deck's keypad and can be manually pressed to select one of 4 positions, or to press up or down to move the shade in incremental amounts. If you want to see photographs of the set up, go to and select TheLuxPod, there are lots of images.  I have also installed two other Lutron units in two luxurious properties in Latvia.  One is the Grafik Eye, but not the one above which I mentioned works with B&O.   The other unit is a higher end Lutron product which was selected for Home Cinema and for a large number of shades.

    The shading solutions are really neat as well, if you are considering putting in electric blinds. The best thing about Sivoia is the motor does not make any discernable noise, unlike the competitors, which are noisy. One word of warning, you have to make sure the lights you select will work with the system.  It took over 6 months of research,  to find a way to connect the Weaver & Ducre wall lights which I wanted to work on the system. The Belgium company was not helpful. There are solutions, but they can take up a lot of time with investigation. If you are doing it yourself, you need a reliable lighting supplier who is happy to help you investigate.  For a really professional look, it helps to know a bit about color temperatures of your lights as well. Hope this helps. Everything in TheLuxPod is low energy lights and people said they could not be connected, but they can.

    You also need a reliable Electrician, as many people are not interested in learning about these systems, nor reading the instructions!  Lutron has an excellent help desk, which I was constantly phoning. They were always extremely helpful and very patient with the Electrician. In Latvia I didn't have the same problems, because the Electricians were only too pleased to read the comprehensive instructions which came with all the products. Hope this helps. Regards, Judith

  • 02-24-2010 10:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Home Automation

    thank you Judith for the tip on Sivoia QED Shading Solutions, the quiet motor is really the key for an apartment or residential property

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