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  • 01-09-2010 7:29 AM

    U70 vs. Form1 vs. Form2 Headphones

    Hi I'd like to buy some B&G headphones. I was reading about specifications of each specified in topic, but I still do not know which one are the best, if someone knows something more aobut theme i d like to hear what you can tell. In headphones im looking for clear "not coloured" sound, as original it can be, i was wondering becouse the u70's the oldest pair has the widest range in freaquency from all of them. Regards

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    • lausvi
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    Re: U70 vs. Form1 vs. Form2 Headphones

    As having both U70 and Form 1 headphones I can comment on the first two:


    -oldest of the three

    -big, bulky and heavy. (But when adjusted with patience they fit well)

    -original black leather finnish of the earpads has worn off by now, not necessary to replace

    -long cable with 6,3mm plug

    -needs a lot of power to drive, (fe. iPod needs volume to be almost at max level)


    Form 1:

    -much lighter and no head-control adjustments, easier to fit

    -will need new foam pads for earpads, available from LifestyleAV

    -shorter cable with 3,5mm plug

    -easier to use with modern devices as it's much lighter to drive


    In terms of sound quality I have no real complaints about either, U70s are a bit bass-light in comparasion, though.

    The newer Form 1s and 2s are likely technically better specified and easier to come by.

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  • 01-09-2010 8:31 AM In reply to

    Re: U70 vs. Form1 vs. Form2 Headphones

    I have all the B&O headphones - U70, Form 1, Form 2 and A8s and my recommendation is to buy some Sennheisser HD600s or Grado RS1s. They are simply in a completely different league. Of the B&O headphones, the Form 1s are probably the best - U70s have a very high resistance 140 Ohms compared to 35 for the Form 1s so do take more driving.

    U70s are however heavy and are quite a tight fit. I have not come across anyone who has immediately commented on their comfort favourably!! The black plastic finish will have worn off the ear pads by now. 

    Form 1s are more comfortable but are probably going to need a new foam pad set - these will need replacing fairly regularly. I think these are the best sounding but I never use them as the afore mentioned other makes are just much better.

    Form 2s are suitable for MP3 players and are cheap by B&O standards but I find them uncomfortable - I do have a very large head! - and have given them to my daughter - she now uses A8s in preference. 

    There is a headphone review in the latest Hi-Fi World - headphones from £200 to £1000 are tested. Makes interesting reading - also look for the un-named B&O product supporting a separate review in the magazine! 

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    • Puncher
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    Re: U70 vs. Form1 vs. Form2 Headphones

    I have Form 1's and A8's - I actually prefer the A8's (if properly fitted and sealed in the ear) to the Form 1's. I find the latter to have a poor bass/presence balance, they sound either bass light or too sibilant/strident depending on what you are listening to.

    Agree with Peter, the HD600's are in a different league and can be found at very reasonable prices compared to their RRP - I have, in the past found them at £129, new, from a reputable supplier.

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  • 01-09-2010 10:14 AM In reply to

    Re: U70 vs. Form1 vs. Form2 Headphones

    if you buy the HD600's you won't be disappointed, but try and get the shop to replace ( or upgrade the cord ) with the HD650 cable

    you will be then have a great pair of cans to listen to pretty much anything, if you are deeply into Classical, then buy the HD650's


  • 01-09-2010 8:00 PM In reply to

    Re: U70 vs. Form1 vs. Form2 Headphones

    thx for advise

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