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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 11-23-2009 4:49 AM

    Beomedia 1

    Grettings all... Just recently acquired a used BeoMedia 1 at a resonable price to add to my setup ( BV4-50, BS1, BL1, BL4000, BL6000).  I have tried looking through the post after jk1002 pointed out that this forum existed, thanks by the way jk1002 Yes -  thumbs up !

    After looking at the installation guide for software version 3.0, I noticed that it shows the BeoMedia being connected directly to the BeoVision. Shouldn't I be connecting the S-Video and Audio outs into the BS1 under say V.Aux inputs along with the Masterlink going between my BS1 and BM1?  Also, is it necessary to have the VGA cable connected at all times?  Or is that only necessary when you want to access the service side of the BeoMedia 1, accessing the Windows interface itself to do configuration stuff?

    Also curious does anyone know in regards to the USB and Firewire connection on the unit, I assume that an extrenal HD can be connected via them in order to hold all the data files (music, photo, video)? Or can the BeoMedia be configured to access a Network Storage Drive? The default 250GB is rather small and seeing that the largest ATA Ultra-133 HD available seems to be 500GB there's really not much room for upgrading in order to expand the internal storage.



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  • 11-24-2009 8:48 AM In reply to

    Re: Beomedia 1


    Greetings Hiller,

    You are right: you have to connect the BM1 to your BS1 (and not the BV4 itself). You need Composite OR S-Video OR VGA. This is permanent video connection between the Beomedia and your Beosystem 1. You need it to display both the Beomedia 1 interface and the Service mode (i.e. Windows desktop) should it be needed.

    You can connect an external drive to hold all your data files. However the Beomedia Navigator software seems to need all the media files inside e:\bm-share\music (if my remembering is good). If I am right, you need to mount your external USB drive inside a NTFS folder (say e:\bm-share\music\EXTDrive). So that the Navigator will automatically scan the integrated drive and your external drive.

    Accessing a NAS is possible but is the Navigator able to browse it I don't know. The fact is you cannot mount a network path inside a NTFS folder (only local drives are supported by Windows XP).

    On my side I use the Navigator, or iTunes... I made a permanent network connection to my Time Capsule, and added all my music files to the local iTunes library (in addition I can play Apple Lossless files, and I can control it with my iPod touch via the Remote app).



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  • 03-10-2011 8:42 PM In reply to

    Re: Beomedia 1


    Appreciate the response!

    I did get the BeoMedia connected using the S-Video via V.Aux and connect via ML, I had both S-Video and Composite but it seems that only the S-Video cable really matters as when the composite is left off it displays the BM1 Interface and the Service Mode with only the S-Video cable.

    Here's the interesting thing though...

    When Command is set to PC or V.Aux on the BM1

    If N.Radio/Music is selected via the connected Keyboard I see the BM1 interface on my BV4 yet I can't navigate it with my Beo4 I have to use the connected keyboard.

    If N.Music/Radio is selected via Beo4 I see nothing, just a blank screen on my BV4, the BV4 even will go into standby/turns off after a while.  Yet the Radio or Music plays just fine and the Beo4 can be used to navigate!

    If I then switch back to V.Aux I see a black screen of the Service Menu seeing that when the connected mouse is moved the cursor appears.  I have to access the Taskmanger and use the Run command interface to relaunch BeoNavigator to see the BM1 Interface again.


    What am I missing in order to see the BM1 Interface at least on my BV4-50 Model 8591 when select from my Beo4 using N.Music/N.Radio?


    I did notice in the BM1 Installation guide under BeoVision TV with VGA input it says "The solution is used for, among others, BV5 and BS1 & BS2 (BeoVision 4)".  Here they show the composite cable and VGA cable being connected to the BeoVision with VGA input in the diagram.

    Later in that same Installation guide under BeoVision US Model the diagram shows all three S-Video, Composite and VGA being connected to the BeoVisions US set.

    Then also notice that under the Configuration Menu, System Settings, Select Video Mode

    The first time you go in everything is greyed out except Scan Video modes, I select that and it does its thing and comes back up with all options available and a check by Standard.

    Other options are:

    High 1 (Settings for the primary television connected through VGA)

        Resolution    1366 x 768  (original set to 800 x 600)
        Refresh Rate    60Hz
        Color Depth    32bit    (original set to 8bit)
        Test Mode
        Store Settings

    High 2 (Settings for a projector connected to the primary television)

        Resolution    1024 x 768
        Refresh Rate    60Hz
        Color Depth    32bit
        Test Mode
        Store Settings

    Standard (Settings for SCART or link room connection)

        Resoultion    800 x 600
        Refresh Rate    60Hz
        Color Depth    32bit
        TV Standard    NTSC  (original set to PAL)
        Advanced Settings
        Test Mode
        Store Settings

    All the three modes if Tested display properly to a computer monitor via the VGA output.  Only the Standard setting when tested displays out to the BV4 through the S-Video connection.


    In order to use the High1 or High2 settings would I need to get a VGA breakout cable, so I can connect from the BM1 VGA to my Zektor switch thus I would be utilizing the Component inputs on the top panel of the BS1?


    Anyone else out there using a BM1 along with a BS1 and BV4 that can shed some light as to my dilema?



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