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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 10-25-2008 4:07 PM

    Struggling to connect Xbox 360 to MX 4002 - HELP PLEASE !!

    Hi, sorry to open my posting score with a question straight off. But right now i'm having issues with one of my older B&O products, the 4002. I have just bought a 2nd Xbox and wish to connect it to my very 2nd hand MX4002, but am having no joy. It is connected via AV 2. Prior to this AV 2 was connected to a DVD player which automatically changed channels asa it was powered up, but the TV does not respond to the 360 ;-(. I cannot get anything to work on AV 1 full stop. In the menu  have set up AV 1 as V-TP.1, and AV 2 as V.aux. Also S-VHS is set as AV2, but it does not work with that off either.

    Please help, I want to play the Xbox !!!!!!


  • 10-29-2008 9:17 AM In reply to

    Re: Struggling to connect Xbox 360 to MX 4002 - HELP PLEASE !!


     I have had similar problems with my Beovision 1 connecting to my Xbox 360 but not any other item. I didn't fully resolve them but got it to work by using a scart to composite converter. I know the Xbox comes with one but I think this might have something to do with the pin outs in the scarts. I am using a fully pinned bi-directional scart to composite converter as opposed to the single direction adaptor which is supplied with the Xbox. I think the standard one has pins missing (check to see if I am wrong).

    Incidentally, do you get any sound when it is plugged in and no picture or nothing at all?




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