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  • 05-22-2008 7:22 PM

    Made in China by B&O

    Dear All:

    Recently, some of you posted that you would like to see lower prices from B&O.  One way to achieve the latter is for B&O to built some of their gear in China.

    Imagined if B&O built and ran its own factory in China as opposed to just outsourcing the work to a contractor.  B&W is running its own factory in China.  As a result, B&W is able to offer their 600s series for a very attractive price point.  The reviews for the speakers have been very favorable.  Granted B&W will continue to built its flagship products in England.  

    Let's face it: China has cheaper labor, construction, and the infrastructure to be able to built quality gear.  Not to mention, China has its own, homegrown, hi-fi manufactures.  

    What product(s) could B&O built in China and be accepted by the likes of you?  How different is that from making products in eastern Europe?  Is B&O saving on its labor cost and if so, why haven't we seen lower prices?  

    Here in the US, part of the price increases can be explained by the low dollar.  High price does not necessarily mean high quality or better experience.  

    What say you?   



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