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Latest post 03-04-2008 9:14 AM by KarstenOtte. 4 replies.
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  • 03-03-2008 6:43 AM

    BeoLab2500: change of coloured cover

    Hi, years ago, I bought BeloLab2500 with two coloured loudspeaker cover sets. One cover set was put on, of course. Now I wanted to replace them in order to change to the new, unused cover set. Unfortunately, I cannot find an instruction how to do it. Looks like I don't have the complete manuals any more... I hope someone of you still uses BeloLab 2500 and might be able to give a tip how to remove them without any violation to the loudspeakers...; many thanks in advance.

  • 03-03-2008 7:18 AM In reply to

    • Teddy_fr
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    Re: BeoLab2500: change of coloured cover

    Welcome to BeoWolrd, KarstenOtte!
    It's very easy. I use a credit card that I slip between the edge of the cover and the surrounds of the speaker and I gently pull out all around the cover and "voilà"!
    (avoid screwdrivers or other metal tools not to risk to destroy the fragile surrounds of the speakers).
    It is fun to change the covers from time to time, then, it's just like if you have a new system for a very cheap price! Smile


  • 03-03-2008 7:38 AM In reply to

    • Foxtrott
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    Re: BeoLab2500: change of coloured cover

    Hi KarstenOtte

    Do your Beolab2500 have textile/cloth covers or the metal ones? If they are metal one the hint from Teddy is very usefull. Howerver if you do have textile there is another way.
    The textile covers are mounted on a frame (about 1cm large) that is clipped in the Beolab2500. So you just need to gently put your finger under the frame, pull it towards you and the frame will clip off. Then simply clip in the other covers.



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  • 03-04-2008 9:07 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoLab2500: change of coloured cover

    Hi Marc, many thanks for your kind and fast answer. I was not sure wheather it is 'accepted' to ask such a 'simple' question here...  But I am just a B&O user - not a specialist... BTW, I will post your advice to my husband!!! Surprise (I used HIS name to register for this forum:-) He now has to change the cover! But it was me who wanted to have a change of colour!!!

    Kind Regards, Jana Otte

  • 03-04-2008 9:14 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoLab2500: change of coloured cover

    Hi Foxtrott, thanks your answer. With help of the sent instruction from Marc, it was easy to change the covers...

    bye, Jana and Karsten Otte

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