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  • 09-06-2007 3:09 PM

    Master Control Link 82 & Beocentre 9300

    I have just aquired a Master Control Link 82 which I would like to hook up to my Beocentre 9300.  The MCL-82 only talks about connecting it to a Beocentre 7007 or 7700.  Is this possible by changing positions of the relay box code switches.  I have tried the various configuration but apart from simply getting sound out of the speakers there is no remote control function.


    If not does anyone want to buy a MCL 82 in good condition !!!



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    Re: Master Control Link 82 & Beocentre 9300

    MCL82 was designed to work with equipment from '82 to about '85 - such as the Beocentre 7007, 7700 or Beosystem 5000.  It will not work with a Beolink 1000.

    You would need an MCL 2A .

    See the product listing on this site and you should pick up the following:

      MCL 2A

    Standing for Master Control Link, this system allowed for the main music and video system to be linked up with other rooms. Using the Beolink 1000 remote control, you could, for example, sit in the study and operate both sound and pictures from the main system in the living room. MCL2A formed part of the X-tra Speakers kit.

  • 09-06-2007 4:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Master Control Link 82 & Beocentre 9300

    Thanks for the help.  I already have an MCL2A but picked this up cheap off the internet so no great loss.  How do I link in more than 1 MCL 2A?  Do I piggy-back the MCL cable out of the terminals on the MCL2A or have a splitter taking extra inputs into the Speaker 2 on the back of my Beocentre 9300?
  • 09-06-2007 4:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Master Control Link 82 & Beocentre 9300

    You can do either depending on which is easier. I use both methods for my system.
  • 09-06-2007 4:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Master Control Link 82 & Beocentre 9300

    Thanks for the help, just need to find some more MCL 2A's which doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do.


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