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  • 08-26-2007 11:01 PM

    Avant Sound

    Today the sound on my Avant just went out.  Doesn't matter which input I use, nothing.  I'm wondering if there is a test that I can run or whether I have to have a technician come in and do service.  I can't find my manual, and the online manual in "My Bang & Olufsen" doesn't have any troubleshooting tips.

     It worked fine this morning...then I turned it on this afternoon and nothing.  Is it possible that there is some kind of "mute" function I put it in?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Have a few pieces: 5-phone BeoCom 6000, Avant, Beosound 9000, Beo 4
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    Re: Avant Sound

    Hi, and Welcome to BeoWorld!

    Sorry your Avant has gone all quiet on you - and to be honest although there is a mute function on the Beo4 (where the volume 'rocker' button is - push it dead in the centre) i would have though turning the TV off and on again would cancel this.

    Sounds like a visit from the engineer, but i'm sure someone will get to the root of the problem on here for you if it's 'user error'! Smile

    What was the last thing you did with the Avant?  Used a camcorder, Game Station, or did you have a play in the menus - or nothing!


    BeoWorld - Everything Bang & Olufsen

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    Re: Avant Sound

    what happens when set it to "speaker 1". List until "speaker" then press "1"
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