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  • 08-17-2007 4:35 AM

    BeoCenter 9000

    Hi all you helpful B & O fans.

    I am really new at this and have just joined.  You may have been asked this a million times before, but I cant find the answer on your forum.

    I have and ancient Beocentre 9000 (serial No 04363709) which I bought new in 1987 - yes 20 years ago and it is still performing beautifully right through the house with the BeoLink system. I have recently been gifted an Ipod Nano and have transferred all my CD's to it.

    The question is, can I connect Ipod to Beocentre and if so how?

    Hope you can help

    Pat Pinnock

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  • 08-17-2007 4:44 AM In reply to

    • van
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    Re: BeoCenter 9000

    Hi and welcome to BeoWorld Pat,

    I'm not sure if this would be at all helpful to you:

    All the best


  • 08-17-2007 5:04 AM In reply to

    • Alex
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    Re: BeoCenter 9000

    Ridax's solution would allow you to control the iPod with the B&O remote. It would connect to either the AUX input connection, or to the TAPE 2, so Van's suggestion would give the best results in the end. If you don't know anything about wiring electronics for yourself, then you can order them pre-made (they're normally a vaguely DIY solution).

    Of course, you can do it without Ridax's little controller, a much simpler option (from the point of setting up) is a direct cable with no extra fuss.

    Connect iPod directly (click me)

    And your Beocentre is not old by any means! A lot of our members regularly use systems dating as old as 40-50 years. Big Smile

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  • 08-17-2007 5:05 AM In reply to

    • Mico
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    Re: BeoCenter 9000

    The Ridax Ipod dock was my solution in similar situation (my BC9000 is from 1988). The Ipod dock connected to Tape 2 and is remote controlled by the BL1000 (or any other B&O rc).

    In family we have one dock and five Ipods, the biggest debate is whose Ipod gets the honour to serve as the source.

  • 08-17-2007 6:04 AM In reply to

    • kallasr
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    Re: BeoCenter 9000

    might be worth examining...


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  • 08-17-2007 11:32 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoCenter 9000

    Oh how I miss my BeoCenter 9000...  Erm
    David the BeoPerson
  • 08-18-2007 3:26 AM In reply to

    Re: BeoCenter 9000

    Thanks for all your help!
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