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  • 02-25-2012 3:54 PM

    LX 2802 service quastion.

    Many thanks to all.   Smile
    My TV model LX 2802. Serial num: 06906940. need new picture tubes and i'm looking to make this TV work and look as brand new, i found new picture tubes but my dealer express some fears that (because old model from 1988) even if i install new tubes the TV might fail to operates due to other parts, other parts needed but we couldn't find are: [8003599] EHT board,  and [3538702].

    So may i ask:

    1- Do i need these parts or any other (and which ones) to make this TV like new or changing just the tubes should be fine ?
    2- And in case we couldn't find new parts with B@O can we get new ones from other place or find used but in good condition ?
    And also what do you think of model Beovision 1 L in term of picture and build quality?

    Please note, its very important that i make LX2802 work as brand new so i really need your best assistance and opinion.
    Many thanks.   Please advice.

  • 02-29-2012 12:39 PM In reply to

    Re: LX 2802 service quastion.

    If you can get another crt of the original Type,there should'nt be any problem.Ideally the crt is supplied with integral scan coil assembly.If you can't get the original crt (B&O part)you can use another Philips crt and transfer the scan coils from the original crt,but will probably need to adjust the geometry.

    Great tv,worth restoring.There is mod kit for the eht/psu panel to improve reliability.


  • 02-29-2012 1:40 PM In reply to

    Re: LX 2802 service quastion.

    I would start with two LX280x TV's and take modules from the donor unit. It's a huge job if you want it to be 100% as new, thinking about the many capacitors that needs to be changed. The LX models are already very reliable compared to it's high age.

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  • 02-29-2012 2:22 PM In reply to

    Re: LX 2802 service quastion.

    Thank you solderon29 and Søren for helpful information's,  you are correct this TV look great and worth restoring, its look big job im not sure my dealer able to find other CRT to do the job, but i will ask him.   I was wondering is there any other way like send my TV to original factory for full service?

    Also what about Beovision 1 L in term of picture quality comparing to LX 2802?   I found new set.

    Also, i learned LX 6000 and 5500 are better than LX 2802, is it possible to find new sets anywhere?

    Please let me know.   Many thanks.


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