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  • 02-12-2012 10:36 AM

    Newbe and a cd7000

    Hi all,

    new to B&O but a big hi fi fan have a nice system and wanted a old but good cd player just to have one back in my systen again, sold my last cd player a sugden masterclass as i have a great valve dac made by a friend and bought a streamer so the cd player was surplus to req. But i wanted to get one again without spending a fortune so just bought a mint cd700 with remote Beolink1000 ( i believe that this will not work unless i have the beogram amp attached?) anyway, just noticed from pictures of the 7000 there is a din connectoe for the cd to amp. My amps ( hyperion ht88 valve monos) and my pre ( glasshouce TVC passive) does not have a din connector. can i get an adaptor or do i need to get the wire re-terminated?

    If you have a link in the uk where to get such a thing or any advice would be great. Cant wait to get her as my uncle was a big B&O fan and was mt first intro inti hi fi, that was 35 years ago all i remember was he had an amp TT and speakers and a reel to reel ( dont know if that was b&o but the reast was)



  • 02-12-2012 1:51 PM In reply to

    Re: Newbe and a cd7000

    These guys can help you, and they are in the UK. Sounds Heavenly.

  • 02-12-2012 2:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Newbe and a cd7000

    Another couple of thoughts for you. Did you know that the CD 7000 has a digital output? That provides another set of options for connecting. You can get a Beomaster 5500/6500/7000 to go with the CD 7000. They all have the same form factor, but different finishes (except the 7000 which of course matches). In that way, you can get remote control of the CD using either the Beolink 1000, the Master Control Panel 5500 or 6500 (two way remote), or the Beolink 7000 (extremely exotic, awesome remote control that is also two way). If you hooked any of these up, you plug the cable from the CD7000 directly into the beomaster, and then you can use the digitial output to bypass the amplifier in the Beomaster 5500/6500/7000.

    Good luck. The only problem is, once you start buying B and O, you'll get hooked and spend lots of time and money!

  • 02-13-2012 1:51 AM In reply to

    Re: Newbe and a cd7000



    For CD7000 to AMP you need this cable: B&O DIN to RCA


    When you want to remote control the CD7000 you need the BeoMaster 6500 or 7000 (these have the same ouside finish and Powerlink out connectors). Connect CD7000 7pin DIN cable to CD input in the BM. Than you need this cable, Powerlink to RCA.



    Regards, Robert

  • 02-13-2012 3:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Newbe and a cd7000

    Is your CD7000 all black finish or polished aluminium and black?

    If it is all black, you may struggle to find a Beomaster 7000 to match it!

    However there is one on here

    Regards Graham

  • 02-13-2012 1:59 PM In reply to

    Re: Newbe and a cd7000

    Thanks guys im not looking the amp but did get sorted with a cable


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