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  • 02-09-2012 3:48 PM

    phono preamp for beogram 1700

    Hi guys,

    I'm new in B&O world, and I've my 'new' beogram 1700, so muy doubt is now on the preamp I must add to the turntable.

    I like very much (looking only specifications: Single-ended A-class, double mono...) the Cambridge Audio 540P:

    But I've read much about the following ones (much more uglies, but very recommendable) with high Quality/Price Ratio.

    This one has an extra gain!

    and of course Pro-Ject...


    I haven't near a shop where listen and try any of them, so I would like to know your opinion about them.

    My greatest doubt is the gain. 540P has fixed gain (as the 95% of phono preamp), but the B&O has lower output signal than standard turntables. Is this a great handicap for the 540P? It's not usual that a phono preamp add gain control, so I doubt about it's a 'canonical' design.

    Any suggestion will be welcome!

    Thanks a lot for your help.





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    • Jeff
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    Re: phono preamp for beogram 1700

    I have a Beogram 3300 with a MMC2 cartridge, and I'm using the TC770LC from I wrote a brief note about it under the Beogram part of the forum.

    I've no experiencew with your table, don't know what cartridge you're using, but the B&Os tend to have low output. I have been very satisfied with the TC770LC, it let me match levels to the other sources, and the DIN plug is a nice feature. I think it sounds great, while I've not compared it to the other preamp you mention I don't think I've ever heard my table sound better. I did run the table into a McIntosh C32 preamp, and never thought that sounded very good. It sounded much better into my Proton D540 integrated amp, which has a very good phono section, with variable loading, MM and MC, but the lack of gain was always an issue.

    Good luck with it! 

  • 02-09-2012 5:41 PM In reply to

    Re: phono preamp for beogram 1700

    I've been using the TC750 from Phonopreamps, both on my BG 2400 and BG 5000, Both with MMC4, and it works like a charm, As Jeff I love the gain function.

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