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  • 01-09-2012 4:44 PM

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    Beolab 5000 wanted

    Hi guys,

    the next step to fullfill my B&O collection will be to buy a pair Beolab 5000. So if anybody of BeoWorld fellows want to sell his pair of grey ones, please let me know. I would prefer the 220 V version to use them in Germany - including wall brackets ;-)


    Thanks and kind Regards


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  • 01-09-2012 5:30 PM In reply to

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    Re: Beolab 5000 wanted


    I have a personal pair, in grey, that were delivered to a Doctor in London - placed on his wall by the B&O installer, stayed there for 3 hours until his wife got home who 'disapproved' - then were taken down by the dealer the next day, wrapped in duvets and placed under a bed in his spare room and didn't move until i bought them 5 years ago.

    Since then, i've wrapped them in bubble wrap and cardboard and tucked them in a quiet corner of my warehouse - but i'm beginning to realise i'll probably never use them..

    They may be for sale, but it'd take an epic offer to part me from them..  I do love them to bits, but sometimes you have to get real.



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  • 02-03-2012 8:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Beolab 5000 wanted

    Oh My... That Doctor is such a wimp! That is one of the reasons, I'm not married... I live with a wonderful woman -and have done it for years now. But if she ever started complaining over some new B&O, I've bought -then she would be told to accept it, or leave. (Like I accept some of her 'quirks') Wink
    In a relationship there should be room for both of you -but I have seen too many times, that the man just bow his head and say "yes maam".
    And then suddently she decides everything -about the interior of the house, what car you drive -even the clothes you wear...then you've become the ultimate zero. And then she leaves you because you're such a sissy... 

    Hmm -I guess this has become a bit off topic...but I couldn't help it Whistle
    To get back on the track - I have a pair of BL 5000's. Wonderful speakers -and I won't sell them.

    I hope you find a nice set -maybe Lee's..? Smile

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