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  • 12-28-2011 10:10 PM

    Beogram 8002: Help Reinstalling Circuit Board

    I recently received my recapped and soldered board from Martin (a.k.a. Dillen), and I can't wait to get my 8002 working again! But I'm stuck at two parts of reinstalling the board and control panel (of course, I didn't take photos when I was removing them Whistle ).


    First, there's a strip of metal that the service manual lists as 0064 (Part # 3151173) "Bronze spring." Even looking at the exploded diagram, I can't figure out where that should go exactly.

    Second, there's a flat grey lead coming off of the control panel that doesn't connect to anything--it just has the exposed pins. Is that supposed to be that way?


    Thanks in advance for helping me with what may be very obvious.



  • 12-30-2011 7:04 AM In reply to

    • geearr
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    Re: Beogram 8002: Help Reinstalling Circuit Board

    Hello Matt

    I think that the following picture might show the spring that you are concerned about.  If it is, then it is used to clamp the red display into the slot in the board.  The spring hooks on the side of the board and the other end goes into the opening that you see in the picture.  Place the LED display in position, put one end of the spring in position and prise the other end so that it clicks into place, very easy.



    As for your second question, I cannot find a flat grey cable so you might have to post a picture of it.  The only single cable that I can find is the earthing cable that has a flat connector and slips onto a tab on the base plate.

    Hope that helps

    Regards, Geoff

  • 01-05-2012 1:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Beogram 8002: Help Reinstalling Circuit Board

    Thanks Geoff.

    You were right about the spring; it holds the display in place. (Thanks to Dillen too for letting me know.) I found that it's best to hook the spring to the side of the control panel with it removed and then snap the panel into place--this locks the spring to that side, making it easy to then clip in the other end.

    As for the grey cable, it's actually the same as your multi-color cable in the photo above. I didn't realize it, but Dillen explained that this connects to the circuit board. It doesn't actually "click" in because there's no connector per se, so you have to make sure that the bare metal ends of the cable go into the female side on the circuit board while you're installing the control panel. I had to bend the cable a bit to make sure that the angle was such that the control panel would push on it from above and keep it inserted into the circuit board as I installed the CP. Hopefully that's clear for anyone else who tries this in the future.


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