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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 12-25-2011 5:56 AM by GeorgeManc. 2 replies.
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  • 12-23-2011 8:15 PM

    Beogram 1202 Belt sourcing.. and general advice needed

    Hi everyone,

    Just bought a 1202 for what I'm hoping is a bargain £17 off ebay. I'll tell you what I'm seeing on it, and maybe then you guys can help. I haven't bought the adaptor lead to plug it into some aux inputs on an amp yet, as I've just got the tt today, so not sure if its working..

    Everything looks to be in working order, except the belt falls off once the tt gets up to speed. So presumably the belt is old and needs replacing right? Can anyone tell me where to get one from in the UK?

    I think the cartridge and needle are ok.. I put a record on it, and the auto function worked perfectly and laid the needle on the edge of the record, and I could hear a very quiet, but quite clear reproduction of the record - so does that hopefully mean the needle and cartridge are ok? 

    How do I know at what level to set the transport screws?

    Does anyone know where I can get the Lift button cover, the metal part? It was in the pictures but it hasn't come with the TT, annoyingly!

    Sorry to ask so many questions! I bought this as a birthday present for my girlfriend.. but now I'm obsessed with it and want to restore it, and *then* maybe I'll give it to her :) 


    Thanks for any help



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  • 12-24-2011 5:53 AM In reply to

    Re: Beogram 1202 Belt sourcing.. and general advice needed

    Hi George and welcome to Beoworld.

    It sounds as though the belt is overstretched and could even be the original!  It would be best to replace it with a new one anyway.  I don't know about UK stockists but eBay is usually as good a place as any for new belts (particularly the site) there is one listed as item number 350513339564, and another at item 160546869829, both ship to the UK and it will cost almost as much as you paid for the turntable!

    The transport screws should always be completely loosened (anticlockwise) when you want to use the TT and only fastened when moving it.

    You won't know the condition of the cartridge or stylus until you try it or examine it by magnifying or electrically.  It sounds promising though.  Again, they (SP14A's tracking at 2g weight) are always coming up on eBay around the world.  Is this what you currently have?

    As for the lift button cover.  If it's missing but was on the advertising photo - contact the seller and tell him it is missing and he should send it to you, otherwise the item is not as shown or described (depending on the wording of the eBay item).  I'm sure another Beoworld member may have a spare one somewhere.

    When you change the round belt, it will be worthwhile cleaning and lubricating the TT - use a good quality oil as have been suggested on this site many times and DO NOT USE WD40!

    Upgrading membership on Beoworld gives you access to the user and service manuals and is well worth it.

    Good luck and I hope you both enjoy it.


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  • 12-25-2011 5:56 AM In reply to

    Re: Beogram 1202 Belt sourcing.. and general advice needed

    Hi Dave,


    Thanks so much for the reply. We've got it all working now! It turns out the belt was fine, its just that when I was testing it, I didn't have the platter on because I wanted to see if the belt stayed on - so the platter hadn't pushed down the rest of it to the same level as the spindle - so the belt kept falling off. As soon as the platter was on then it worked perfectly! I don't think I even need to lubricate it, it gets up to speed instantly and plays at the right speed! Think I've got a bargain. The stylus looks fine under a magnifying glass, and plays without skipping accross the record, and if I put my ear to it I can hear the beatles playing very quietly, but sounds right! Can't wait to give it to my girlfriend for christmas now (althought I want it myself now!). Thanks for your help.



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