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Latest post 12-09-2011 1:23 PM by Steve at Sounds Heavenly. 1 replies.
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  • 12-09-2011 10:45 AM

    • js
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    Beolab3 - RCA/PL adapter and Line switch

    I wish to connect a pair of Beolab 3 to a preamp with RCA outputs. I have the appropriate Power Link Mk3 cables, so I only need to add a RCA male / Power Link female adapter. I went to two different B&O dealers and none was able to identify the right part (they did not even seem to understand that such part did exist and that the Beolab 3 switch could be set in Line position... Erm). So could you please help me with the following three questions:

    1. Could one of you provide me with the part number, in order for me to order it from a dealer?

    2. Could you please also let me know whether the RCA/PL adapter needs to be of a special type in order to work with BL3 and Mk3 cables?

    3. PL cables carry both left and right signals and BL3 typically need to be set to Left or Right. But how do you onfigure BL3 as left or right speaker when the switch is set to Line? Do you need to use a specific left and a specific right RCA/PL adapter for this purpose?

    Many thanks in advance, js

  • 12-09-2011 1:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Beolab3 - RCA/PL adapter and Line switch

    Hi js,

    I don't think that B&O have a product that will work as an adapter in this situation with your existing cables.  As Beolab 3's need careful grounding to prevent induced noise reaching the digital amps, I would advise against trying to combine your existing Powerlink cables with a separate adapter.

    I always recommend using a single, purpose-built cable from the source to the speakers for the best sound quality and to prevent noise.  This also solves the issue of identifying left and right channels in the Powerlink cable, as each speaker is only fed the signal for the channel that it needs to pick up.

    B&O provide stereo RCA to Beolab 3 cables, plus I also keep these in stock in my online store at the link below:- - please select Beolab 3 as the speaker type.

    If you prefer to order this cable from your local store, you are welcome to ask them to obtain a Sounds Heavenly cable and I will be pleased to assist.

    Kind regards,



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