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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 12-08-2011 3:54 PM

    Beosound 5 - replacement advice

    Hi everyone. 

    I have a bit of a quandry and am in the market for a bit of advice. I currently have a 2010 Beosound 5 and Beolab 9s. A system that I am pretty happy with but I have to sell the Beosound 5. I have 2 questions:

    1) I'd like to keep the Beolab 9s as I love their sound and shape, but am not sure what non-B&O systems would connect to them. I understand that any system would need a pre-amp rather than a power amp but wonder how the Beolabs would know to wake up. Or would they always remain on even when the replacment hi-fi was turned off? 

    2) Where would be the best place to advertise my Beosound 5? I don't really want to try the ebay route as I'm the kind of person that'd get scammed and I don't want that.

    Any advice would be very gratefully received. 



  • 12-08-2011 6:40 PM In reply to

    Re: Beosound 5 - replacement advice

    One suggestion might be to get a BeoPort to connect to your computer to send music from your iTunes library to your BeoLab 9s via masterlink cable. You could get many B&O stereos such as the BeoSound 9000 and BeoSound 3200 second hand for quite cheap these days. Also, I believe that you could set the BeoPort as the audio master and connect the BeoLab 9 speakers to a BeoLink Active box. Those can often be found as cheap as $100 on ebay. Of course, you could go wireless with the BeoLink Wireless. 

    I'm going to also suggest buying a mac mini to connect to a BeoPort to connect directly to the speakers. There is great software developed by a BeoWorld member that gives AMAZING control of an Apple computer using a B&O remote or even an iPhone or iPad. More information on that can be found in the Beo-Mac forum.

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