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  • 11-12-2011 3:13 PM

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    Beotalk 1200 Country Settings? Please Help!


    Just installed my Beotalk 1200, and it works with CLIPS etc. The Date was german style, first the day, second the month.

    The there was a reset an the day and the month change...

    But the bigger problem: When a call comes, the phone rings only one times, and then the Beotalk 1200 picks up the call = the phone symbol in the display appears. But no CLIP and no other Beotalk funktion. (is it the silence function?)

    Can somebody help?


    Kind regards


  • 11-12-2011 8:48 PM In reply to

    Re: Beotalk 1200 Country Settings? Please Help!

    If you open the lid, you see quite a few knobs, in the right line, third row there is a bell sign.

    Push it once. Then you'll see a number like 01 on the display. If you enter the numbers 05, you should get time for 5 ringtones, before the machine takes over. Please don't forget to press OK at the end.


  • 11-13-2011 4:46 AM In reply to

    Re: Beotalk 1200 Country Settings? Please Help!


    my experience: If somebody calls you and just hangs up immediately after "one ring" the system is too slow to "catch" the number (CLIP)

    but: BeoTalk offers a mode where all calls are rejected: there's a little X lighting up in the display...just have a look!

    Regards Elmar 


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