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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 10-06-2011 5:14 AM

    Houston we have a go


    this is my first post here and i thought i would tell of my rather lucky sucsess.

    i recently took a risk and brought a pair of beovox 2600 speakers and 2 beogram decks,one being the 1972 beogram 3000 and the other a beogram 2000 slightly older i think.

    the gent i brought them from told me tht the decks did not work nor did they have a cartridge,and one of the speakers had a blown wooffer.

    i decided to bite the bullitt so to speak and payed him £26 for the lot.

    when i got home i tested all the items, and found tht the one of the speakers was blown and the 2 turntables sort of worked but were eratic and tempremental.

    so i did some research and found beoworld(yay) where i found a member who had some beovox 2600 wooffers, so i contacted him and i have brought one and am awaiting delivery.

    after more trailing through the pages at beoworld and followinf links i discovered a few hints and maintence tips and what cartridge i needed to get.

    after a bit of tinkering i got both decks spinning and both arms doining the automatic stuff tht they are suppose to do.

    so i searched every where on the web to try and find a sp10 cartridge and stylus,luckly i found what i wanted on ebay(the only cartridge i could find anywhere) so i brought it.

    it came yester day i plugged it in to the beogram 3000 and correctly ballenced the arm and applied the correct tracking force and i put darkside of the moon on and pressed play.............and i was filled with joy as the thump thump thump of the heartbeat startied to boom from my speakers.

    after 7hrs of testing and playing several albums it appears tht the beogram 3000 lives again.

    as for the beogram 2000 it works too but it is slow, iam yet to find out wheather its the belt or motor.

    i will end this lengthy post and just say i think my 70s B&O equipment sounds better than my modern day rega tt and amp+speakers.

    credit to my wonderfull wife who made all this possible and took the pictures below

  • 10-06-2011 6:56 AM In reply to

    Re: Houston we have a go

    Congratulations on getting your equipment up and runningYes -  thumbs up.

    You will find someone on here will always help you with any problems you may have,they are certainly a wealth of information,i myself have had great help from many of the members.

    Be very carefull though as once you start collecting b and o equipment you may never stop,you could even end up with the dreaded beovirus which is an insatiable appetite of collecting b and o,which i am afraid there is no known cureLaughing.

    Enjoy your b and o,and welcome to beoworld.

    ps. why not join up as a gold member and get access to all the extra services on here, and also automatic entry into the monthly prize draw.


  • 10-06-2011 9:34 AM In reply to

    Re: Houston we have a go

    Well done and thank you to your wife for a beautiful picBig Smile

    Beosound 3000, BL 4000, BL 8000, BG 2404,BG 5000, BG CD50, Beocord 5000, BM 901, BM 2400, BM 4000, BV S45, BV 3702. There is nothing we cannot do, but a lot of things we don't want to do!!

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    Re: Houston we have a go

    Welcome and cograts.

    Current primary listening:  SMMC20EN -> BG4002 -> BM4000 -> Beovox M70


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