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  • 09-24-2011 7:34 AM

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    MacBook --> BL5: sync cable needed too?

    Hi all,

    read several related posts on the topic of connecting a mac to Beolabs, but still not 100% sure. I currently have:

    BL5 connected with PL to Beosound 3000; I play MacBook Pro (MB) lossless audio via MB-audio-out and jack-to-AUX cable connected to AUX input of BS3000. Works fine. No obvious sound difference between a CD played on BS3000 or via (lossless) MB Audio. But understood the jack connection may harm the BL5's upon disconnecting.

    Based on earlier threads, I intend to connect my MacBook to the BL5 directly via MB digital out, and BL5 digital in, so that's what I'm still wondering about:

    1) Do I (only) need  a Toslink-jack adaptor and Toslink-coaxial converter and 2 coaxial cables, or also that "sync" cable?

    2) is it correct to assume that I simply can/must continue using Option 0 ? and volume control is via the PL connected BS3000 ?

    3) since the MB audio connection is then fully digital: does that mean the MB audio to BL5 quality is actually better than the original CD played on the BS3000 which are connected via PL ??

    thanks in advance, its not all that obvious to me I must admit!






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