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  • 07-08-2011 6:08 PM

    I hate E-Bay

    Why I hate E-Bay?

    Sold a Beosound 3000 to a guy in Japan. He made me an offer and I counteroffered with a price and I clearly specified that that in that price the Beo4 is not inlcuded. Buyer now said that Beo4 is missing!!!

    Case reviewed by Paypal gives reason to the buyer!!!! HELLO!!! 


    My Ebay and Paypal account will be closed!. I wanted to do that last time I had problems on Ebay but I wanted to give them a chance. Now it is finish!


    all sold!

  • 07-09-2011 1:37 AM In reply to

    • Dillen
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    Re: I hate E-Bay

    Everybody will eventually be hit by Paypal no matter how honest and serious, you are.
    I see myself as one of the most honest people on this planet and I was also robbed by Paypal more than once.
    Paypal calling themselves safe and secure makes me laugh.
    The same goes for their buyer and seller protection. Neither works.
    If you google around a bit looking for Paypal problems, you will be scared.
    No other company have that many hate-sites.

    I have started using Moneybookers instead of Paypal. It works pretty much like Paypal, only without the risk.
    I still have my Paypal account but I cannot recommend using them anylonger.
    Unfortunately, in some countries, you cannot list on Ebay without accepting Paypal.
    That's too bad and will, no doubt, cost Ebay a lot of sales.
    I have started using Bonanza instead, it is not an auction site but works wonderfully.

    Never change the item of an Ebay listing and never do any "side deals" when the payment
    is related to the Ebay listing and done using Paypal.
    You will lose.
    Paypal don't care what you agree with the buyer, they don't read any of the words you write to them in the disputes.

    See if you can make Paypal ask the buyer to return the item for a refund.

    This is Ebays own (!)  forum, the Paypal section.
    If I was Ebay, I would have a bad taste in my mouth.
    Paypal (and/or Ebay) even planted one or two moles to soften things up a bit, you will easily spot them:


  • 07-09-2011 4:09 AM In reply to

    Re: I hate E-Bay

    I agree. 

    I have been bitten by eBay/Paypal and now will never sell on there again. As Dillen says, no matter how honest you are it is almost impossible to keep your nose clean! Not only that, the charges are now completely over the top. 

    I occasionally buy items if there is a "cash on collection" option but that really is about it. I use gumtree for selling now (even though it is part of eBay!), it is free and as long as your are careful it is pretty good!

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    • Step1
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    Re: I hate E-Bay

    I have to say there is a lesson here, in that you have left yourself open to fraud by listing one thing and doing another! I am not really surprised paypal took side with the buyer...

    I think I would have politely declined in this instance, or relisted with the new price and new terms.

    So really there is no reason to hate either in this case but only to come back from the experience more enlightened Smile

    Personally I have not yet had a problem although I am worried it will be my first if I ever sell high value items. I find having lots of auction caviets displayed clearly helps a great deal to fend off the time waisters and always communicate with the buyer at every oppertunity!



  • 07-22-2011 10:03 AM In reply to

    Re: I hate E-Bay

    Dunno if this is the most appropriate thread for this, but it gave me a chuckle:


  • 07-22-2011 11:26 AM In reply to

    • Rich
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    Re: I hate E-Bay


    Dunno if this is the most appropriate thread for this, but it gave me a chuckle:

    Yes, very appropriate.

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