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Latest post 07-05-2011 2:54 PM by Jes F Søndergaard. 6 replies.
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  • 07-03-2011 4:03 PM

    Boxee Box

    Dear all readers!

    I have been a B&O fan for years but now I can't wait anymore...

    For a long time I have been waiting for an B&O solution to see my video's, pictures and hear my music from my coming NAS. And a friend of mine (who worked on making the Beosound 5) told me that the new Overture won't be able to work at my beolink-system.

    I have been looking for a Boxee Box for some time and wonder if anybody in here have tried this to ex. a BV 7-40 (MKIII) as mine og might know if it is possible. I have a Lintronic box and hope to have some control from my beo4 but of course not all. It will be connected via HDMI, I guess. But I'm not sure to have the 7-40 turned on all the time listening to the music.

    All the best wishes!

    Jes, Denmark 


  • 07-03-2011 7:46 PM In reply to

    Re: Boxee Box

    I could be imagining things, but I may have seen this in the PUC. If not I'm sure it will end up there. They've been pretty good with adding these multi-media boxes.

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  • 07-03-2011 11:26 PM In reply to

    • Evan
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    Re: Boxee Box

    I have a Boxee Box and love it. Albeit not attached to a BeoVision 7 it works wonderfully and easily integrates into a home network.

    You better hope the Boxee is included in that PUC because thats the only way you will control it. It doesn't use IR, but RF instead. 




  • 07-04-2011 9:13 AM In reply to

    • fishta
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    Re: Boxee Box

    I have one of these connected to my MKV 7-40 and absolutely love it!


    Its a real shame that it is based on RF though which means it cant be controlled by B&O IR, there is apparently a USB adapter that you can use to give IR, which mean you can then control it with a Windows Media Centre IR Remote. I tried one of these and setting the TV to the xbox PUC as the Windows remote controls an xbox but as I find out an xbox remote doesnt do the other way. So close yet so far!!


    I think B&O dont want to put the windows PC commands into the PUC as it will render BeoMedia/BeoMaster 5 completly redundant!

    BeoVision 7-40 MkV

  • 07-04-2011 4:48 PM In reply to

    Re: Boxee Box


    I think B&O dont want to put the windows PC commands into the PUC as it will render BeoMedia/BeoMaster 5 completly redundant!

    If that's the case, why did they put an Apple remote into the PUC?


  • 07-05-2011 1:39 AM In reply to

    • hfat
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    Re: Boxee Box


    You can connect a Lintronic box to the Scart connector and control the boxee box via IR. You simply define the connection as DVD1 in the connection menu and build your memeory map in the lintronic box accordingly. This results in a perfectly integrated boxee box.


  • 07-05-2011 2:54 PM In reply to

    Re: Boxee Box

    Thanks a lot for all the answers!

    Do you have the BV 7-40 turn on when listening to music from the Boxee Box? I have my 7-40 as master with main speakers (and a 9000 for cd's)... or do you have the picture on all the time?

    Smile Jes

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