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Latest post 06-06-2011 11:16 AM by bluemike. 2 replies.
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  • 06-03-2011 3:33 AM

    schematics of BL 1000 or deep knowledge of it?


    I am working on a small project at home and it includes customizing a BL I need some help.

    I am planning on only using the circuit board from the BL 1000...and now the problem comes.

    at the top of the circuit board (between the ID LEDs) there are 13 pins that needs to be connected to eachother in different combinations in order to generate commands on the BL 1000.

    Does anyone know how to connect the pins for commands like:

    Volume up/down

    Power off








  • 06-03-2011 8:36 AM In reply to

    • egoh
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    Re: schematics of BL 1000 or deep knowledge of it?

    I'm not sure what type of project you're working on, but you might want to consider hacking with the B&O protocol instead...might be more elegant than hacking a remote.

    Check this guys site for info:

  • 06-06-2011 11:16 AM In reply to

    Re: schematics of BL 1000 or deep knowledge of it?

    good idea, but unfortunatly not usable for me  ;-)


    I have a MPAV 9000 and it is hocked up to my Avant. it works well to play CD or Radio (controlled through Beo4/BL1000)...but the main problem is that the buttons on the MPAV does not work... so I was thinking about conneting the buttons on the MPAV to a old BL 1000 circuit board to send the IR commands to the AVANT...and then it should work!


    it might not be the best solution but it should work...and be a little fun at the same time.

    I was hoping that the buttons on the BL1000 would have been more of "real" buttons so that I could soild cables from them... but that was not the case.



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